Saturday, July 6, 2013

44 weeks

Dear Ellie,

You are 44 weeks old today! And of course, you get more and more fun every single day.

Monday evening we took your 10 month pictures. I cannot believe that you were in such a good mood, as we were seriously pushing your bedtime (whoops!) but you were all giggles. The only issue was that you did NOT want to sit still. You were trying to stand, and climb, and everything else. Big shocker, as that is pretty much all you are doing these days! But we did get some great ones, as usual.

Tuesday was an icky, dreary day so we didn't get to take all our normal walks. You did, however get to go see Grandma while I had to go to a Dr. appointment. Looks like my body is still all haywire from having you, bean. Good thing you are worth it!

When we got home, you helped around the house. Well, if you consider helping dumping ALL the diaper laundry out of the basket. How long before I can teach you to fold them???

Wednesday we went to Michigan City with Grandma. The weather was nice, and we had lots of fun. You even found a BIG butterfly! Pretty impressive since you just LOVE chasing butterflies with Grandpa these days. We had to take a pic with the big butterfly and send it to him. I think he's on the lookout for a really big jar now!

Wednesday night we were at the gym, and since your separation anxiety is getting pretty bad these days, I let you stay in the gym with us for the most part. You had fun cruising along the mats and yelling at all the girls!

Thursday was your first Independence Day. I got a little weepy thinking about how this is pretty much your last "first" holiday, but then Daddy reminded me that there will be lots of other "first" holidays: first holiday you remember, first holiday you can talk back at, first holiday you are grounded for... Okay, so maybe I am looking forward to some of those more than others, baby bean. 

We started out the day with waffles and a walk with Truff, then I gave you your first pedi! We now have matching toes, and the cuteness just kills me! You were very good sitting still...especially since Beauty and the Beast was involved. 

After a nap, we went up to Grandma and Grandpa Mason's house. Your cousins Mason and Gavin were there, and they had fun punching themselves in the face and falling down all over in order to make you giggle. 

You went swimming in the lake too, and even though it was cold, you had a blast. You are definitely a little LOVE the water!!!

Overall, we had a very nice 4th of July. And as usual, we had lots of fun with you, little firecracker!

Friday we were wiped out, so we skipped the gym (whoops) and slept in (YAY!) You did NOT have the best nap day, but that's okay. We did manage to sneak in lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. Then, when Dad got home, we had to run some errands, and you were a big help with that. You even make errands better, bean!

It is now Saturday, you are napping, Daddy is working in the yard, and I am trying to get muster up the energy tackle some laundry. I save all my spare energy for playing with you, so it is hard to convince myself that the pile of laundry needs work. You're just much more fun. Seeing you smile and giggle, and clap your little hands just amazes me every single time. I love you so much, from the top of those little whispy hairs all the way down to your pretty little piggies! You make me smile in a way no one else ever could.

I love you, Baby Bean!

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