Thursday, May 31, 2012

26 weeks!

Okay, so everyone can come back out of the woodwork. I'm not all doom and gloom today like yesterday. But since I was kind of cryptic, here's what happened over the last 48 hours:

In short, being this far along for the first time is really, really hard. So many of the "red flag" symptoms can go either way. Such as, cramps can be a problem, or they can be totally normal. It is like that with just about everything. So, I had an appointment on Tuesday, and the doctor freaked me out regarding some cramping I had. On the way home the freakout commenced and only got worse that evening. And the next morning. So, I ended up going in again yesterday afternoon. Different doctor (and I LOVED her, so we are up to three in the practice that I love, two that I am indifferent on, and one which I am quite certain is the spawn of the devil...but that is a story for another time) ran some test and checked me out again with good results. Still waiting to confirm with the tests, but it looks like everything is completely normal and Baby E should stay cooking for a long time still.

Oh, and my blood pressure was perfect at this latest appointment. No wonder, I had my absolute favorite nurse. My next appointment is with my doctor, and I'm going to have to spill the beans that my blood pressure problems are likely due to the fact that in dealing with the nurses in some really crummy situations over the past 2 years, there are VERY few that I can be in the same room with without trying to use Jedi mind tricks to make their heads explode.

Okay, now on to the regular (fun!) stuff:

How far along:  26 weeks...98 days to!
How big is baby: The size of an english hothouse cucumber. What? Yeah, let's just go with approximately 14 inches and a little less than 2lbs.
What I miss: Although I would have loved a good margarita this weekend, there is really not a lot that I "miss." E has managed to ruin my obsession with Sashimi after the great Bang Bang shrimp debacle of March 2012, so I'm not even really missing that. I guess the closest thing would be regular clothes. With zippers. 
Sleep: No major changes here. Still not sleeping the best.
Best moment of the week: Spending the long weekend with my boys! We had no big plans so we just hung out most of the weekend and recovered from the craziness of the past couple weeks. It was awesome. In baby-related stuff, we started cleaning out Baby E's room. It is getting there, but considering that it was the "catch all" junk room, we've got a ways to go. It makes it feel real to finally get started. 
Food cravings: Still icees. Speedway has it where you buy 6, get the 7th free or something like that. We've gotten 2 free since last week. Whoops!
Symptoms: Cramping. And I'm starting to get leg cramps too. I had to get out of bed one night to stretch my calves. Ouch!
Movement: Yes. And she's about an inch away from being able to reach my ribs. I am scared. 
What I’m looking forward to: Making progress in the nursery. And breathing a sigh of relief when my test results come back clean (see, positivity!)
Next appt: Hopefully not until the 15th. Although I have to do the dreaded glucose test next week (ick!). If by chance the test results aren't good today, I'll be in this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest though. I've been to the office entirely too much this week, though, and I want to stay away for awhile!!!

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