Friday, October 18, 2013

Teething and 24 weeks!

Whew, what a couple of weeks. Ellie now officially had her first tooth. Her bottom left tooth popped through. And there are a BUNCH that are just waiting to join it. My toothless wonder won't be toothless for long! Teething sure does stink, though. Last night she was up 7 times. Oy. She is definitely not herself.

She is a little climbing monster, though. She will climb anything. Boxes, totes, her chair, anything. And she's so stinking proud of herself, that it kills me when I have to tell her to get her little behind back down. 

Oh, and this also gets us into some interesting situations. Like when she climbs the new stroller and figures out how to get into the basket underneath.

She is so much fun these days, though. Oh, you wanna see? 
She can roar. Yes this is the cutest thing ever. I wish it was louder in the video. 
She LOOVES playing with Truffle.
Oh, and she thinks Daddy is the silliest thing ever. 
Seriously, though, I just love this girl!

And...quick update on number 2!

I had an OB appointment a week and a half ago. Other than waiting FOREVER, it went well. Blood pressure was good. Heartbeat sounded great. Some doctors in the practice are annoying. The doc I had this time said I'm measuring big, and was concerned about gestational diabetes. First, I could have told you that. I feel HUUUUUGE already, compared to last time. Second, my sugars, when I have been checking them occasionally are FINE, as well as my weight gain (6lbs at 23 weeks). Surely that could have nothing to do with that fact that my poor abs only got a 7 month break before I threw them into being stretched again, right?

How far along:  24 weeks
How big is baby: The size of a grapefruit. 11.8 inches.
What I've done to prep for baby: Oooooh, ooooooh, I've got something this week! I ordered the fabric for her room! It arrived and I am in love! We also started looking at paint colors. And I ordered her "Namely Pillow"
Best moment of the week: I checked my sugar numbers this week for grins and they were REALLY good. I don't have to do my next diabetes test until the beginning of November, but I am holding out hope!
Food cravings: I'm really into the stage where NOTHING sounds good. Eating is already a big struggle. Sigh. It stinks when I'm REALLY hungry and then can't eat much at all. 
Symptoms: Not feeling the greatest food-wise, like I said. I am getting to the point where my hips feel like they are going to pop off too. Ick. I'm SOOOO thankful for my pillow "fortress." And for my husband that puts up with a teeny sliver of the bed between my pillow fortress and a pup who thinks he owns the bed.
Movement: Yup! The last couple days she's slowed down a little, which I don't like. I guess everyone has "chill out" days, right?
What I’m looking forward to: I get a peek at our girl next week at a MFM appointment. I'm pretty excited about that! 
Next appt: Tuesday with my MFM.

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