Thursday, June 14, 2012

28 weeks

So this week, in baby stuff...well, not much happened. We were away all weekend for a competition, so baby stuff got put on the backburner. I did learn some seriously important stuff for dealing with competition days while pregnant though. I did great on keeping hydrated and resting when I could but I totally stunk at eating. So I felt like crap most of the time. So for Nationals, I will have an eating plan that I will stick to whether I feel like it or not.

Speaking of eating, Monday was ROUGH. Competition hangover is always bad, but competition hangover 27.5 weeks pregnant is terrible! Headache, no appetite, got sick, etc. My blood pressure had been slightly elevated all weekend, so I called the nurse, as those signs were concerning. Luckily, getting sick seemed to be a one-time thing and the headache migrated to one side confirming what I had suspected: my sinuses are acting up.

I also got the the pleasure of doing the glucose screening test yesterday. I was really worried I was not going to be able to keep that stuff down. Luckily, it wasn't too bad. It just tasted like sweet fruit punch, and I took the advice that I read online and chugged water like a madwoman afterwards to get the taste out of my mouth. Worked like a charm. E did not like it one bit, though, as it gave her hiccups. I was not prepared for how terrible I felt afterwards. Yuck! I felt like I had downed about 5 energy drinks in a row. It took getting 2 full meals in me before I felt human again.

And E is a rockstar. Really. I started kick counts this weekend, and she is just rocking them out. It hasn't taken her more than 6 minutes to get the requisite 10 kicks.I absolutely love that she is so wiggly. Definitely calms me down. Although I am not so happy to report that she has found my ribs, and thought it was a really fun game to wedge her foot in them on the car ride up to Lansing this weekend. Ouch! And Ryan got to feel hiccups yesterday morning, which was really cool for him.

How far along:  28 weeks! 84 days to go!
How big is baby: The size of Chinese cabbage. 14.8 inches and about 2.2lbs.
What I've done to prep for baby: Well, the fabric I ordered last week came in and I LOVE it. Oh, and I had a panic attack at 2am this morning about how unprepared we are. Seriously. Other than crib pieces leaned against a living room wall (still shaking my head that the crib wouldn't fit, in the box, in the back of the avaiator!) nothing in our house would even clue you in that we are having a baby. It is time to buckle down and start getting some stuff, I think. 
Sleep: I really appreciate the fact that sleep has been GREAT. Seriously GREAT. This is probably ust the calm before the storm, but still, I'll take it!
Best moment of the week: Last night Ryan made the funniest comment. We were talking about how unprepared we feel for all this, and he said "Yeah, we should probably read some books or something on all this!" Ugh, maybe. But it made me smile knowing it is all becoming real to him too!
Food cravings: So a new one this week, and I blame the nurse I talked to Monday. She suggested a more liquid diet while I wasn't feeling well. Now I cannot get enough Carnation Instant Breakfast. I have multiple glasses a day. Yeah. 
Symptoms: Feeling great for the most part. Of course I'm getting swelling when I am up and around, but that is to be expected in June!
Movement: For the first time this week she started poking back when poked. Love that!
What I’m looking forward to: Potentially picking out some paint colors for her room. Now that I have the fabric, I feel like I can really get that started! Oh, and having the weekend off! 
Next appt: Tomorrow. Not sure how it is going to go, since I have had slightly elevated blood pressure, and I think it might be time to start talking about meds. It is with my doctor though, so I feel a little better about that. 

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