Thursday, June 21, 2012

29 weeks

Well, I'm happy to say that after a rather eventful Friday, the rest of this week has been pretty uneventful, just the way I like them!

I do think this week I had a major shift in my thinking. Before it gave me anxiety to do too much baby stuff. I didn't want to shop/plan, etc. Now the fact that I haven't done much is making me more anxious than actually doing it. So while it was an uneventful week it was also a very important week.

How far along:  29 weeks. 77 days. Breathe. 
How big is baby: The size of a squash. 15.2 inches and 2.5 pounds. Why does it seem like the baby's weight gain is SO slow at this point in pregnancy. It certainly doesn't feel like it!
What I've done to prep for baby: So I did a little bit of shopping. I ordered some Baby Legs. They were 75 percent off. It was inevitable. And I ordered a pillow with her name on it that matches the fabric from the nursery. The lady that makes them posted this pic of it, and it should be enroute to me now.
Oh, and I forgot probably the most important. We registered for some classes at the hospital. We're actually taking the first one on Sat. After visiting labor and delivery and being so lost, this became a priority. 
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty decent, when the pup cooperates. I have been waking up with some pretty bad soreness in my tummy, so I think this may be fading. 
Best moment of the week: I don't think that Ryan talking to my belly will EVER get old. I just melt every. single. time. 
Food cravings: Like I said previously, cravings this week have gone off the deep end. Still loving Carnation Instant breakfast. And Cantaloupe.  
Symptoms: Extra cramping this week, which is a pain (literally). And yesterday I was feeling generally icky. But other than that, I'm doing pretty well. 
Movement: She's been rocking out her kick counts! So far she has not taken more than 6 minutes to get those 10 kicks. Definitely a mover and shaker!
What I’m looking forward to: Non-baby related - Our Anniversary! Ryan and I will be married 10 years tomorrow! I couldn't imagine going through all this with anyone else. 
On the baby-related side of things, going to our birthing class on Saturday. I'm scared, but I think that it will ultimately make us feel more prepared. 
Next appt: Tomorrow. They want to check things out from last week. My blood pressure has been much better at home, though, so I'm not too nervous. Then Monday morning is my 3 hour glucose test, which I am SUPER nervous about. Ugh!

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