Saturday, June 15, 2013

41 weeks!

Dear Miss Ellorie,

You are 41 weeks old today! I feel like this week has been such a big week for you. It really seems like you are just growing up right before my eyes. I'm terrified to blink, because I am sure I will miss something, little love.

Tuesday we were still in full-fledged competition recovery mode. Thankfully you were feeling a lot better, so I enjoyed being able to play with you, like normal. You were back to being a little ham, making your farty noises. I'm SOOOO glad Daddy taught you how to do that, and that you think it is hilarious to have little fart conversations now. Can you sense the sarcasm, bean?

Tuesday evening Daddy and I had a meeting at the gym, so you went to spend some time with Aunt Lori! I heard that you were very interested in seeing the zebras on the TV, and you of course were yelling at them. Why am I not surprised? When Daddy and I came to pick you up, you were zonked in Aunt Lori's arms. I think she loved that, since she doesn't often get Ellie time at the gym. 

Wednesday, you were showing you are a silly little girl! I always accuse my cheer kids of being "window-lickers" but now I guess I've got one of my own. Now if only we can put you on a short bus! 

But seriously, standing at the glass door is one of your favorite things to do. You get especially excited if there is a bee or some birds out there. Then, you'll start to jump. You are quite the jumper! That time in your jumperoo served you well, I think!

I has been fairly nice all week, so in addition to taking lots of walks with your brother we've also spent lots of time outside. We've played with the water table, had grass tickle fights, and played with bubbles. Those bubbles are SO mesmerizing to you!

Wednesday night it was off to the gym again. When we got home, the weather was kind of icky, but I am happy to report that you slept right through the bad storms, and this time, the lightening stayed away and all our electronics stayed intact. Phew!

Thursday was a BIG. DAY. Picture this...I put you down for your first nap. You are a little fussy, and are whining for a minute. I check in on you after a minute or so via video monitor and see...nothing. I can't see you in your crib. So I pan the camera and see...


Yup, the day has come, you figured out how to stand up in your crib. I tried my best to thwart your efforts by not teaching you how to sit up from a laying position. I knew you could pull up from a sit but if I didn't teach you how to sit I was safe, right? Well, those days have sadly passed. 

Of course this freaked me out because your crib is still on the highest setting. So I went in, layed you down, and you went to sleep. 

We then went to meet Daddy for lunch. You had fun sharing his chicken salad, and I think he had fun showing you off to all his co-workers at the new plant. You hadn't been to that one before, so they hadn't met you!

When we got home, you were in need of another nap. So we did the usual routine. Nurse, noise machine, lay down in crib, angel care monitor on, and sneak out. I sat down on the couch, peeked in on you, and...

...followed closely by...

Really, Bean? Yup, turns out I had to go lay you down 5 times before you would actually go to sleep. You little stinker. The thing that killed me every time is that you were so darn proud of yourself, you'd be jumping up and down with excitement when I came in to lay you back down. It broke my heart, but you needed your nap! I will say it now, though, Bean, I am VERY proud of you, and I am glad you're proud of yourself for all your new tricks, even though they give me gray hair!

Friday you went over to Grandma and Grandpa's to play. We had missed a couple weeks, so I think you liked being back to check out the pretty fan and the jumpy snowman. Then it was back home and play time around here. 

Oh, one other big first that happened this are now rocking out the straw cup! You LOVE it. With as well as you've been sucking down food pouches, this doesn't surprise me, but it is cool to see. ONE little problem, though, you don't understand you should swallow it. Instead, you suck the water out of the cup and spit it all down your shirt like a little fountain. Oh, how I love you, silly bean!

This morning you were up and at 'em, and we've already had some play time and eaten some waffles. Yum! Now it is nap time for you. Hopefully you take a good one and we've got lots to do today. 

You're turning into such a big girl, and you are so much fun to spend time with, Ellie. I love being around you every day! I don't think I've ever smiled more than I have recently when getting to play with you. You are so amazing in every way, and getting to watch you learn and grow is just absolutely magical. 

I love you SO much!

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