Tuesday, June 25, 2013

42 weeks 3 days

Dear Baby Bean,

Whoops! It was another crazy week, and I am only now getting around to writing you and telling you all about it. Sometimes you just wear me out a little too much, E-bean!

Sunday was Father's Day, like I wrote about before. You were a complete stinker in church and did not want to nap. I guess you just wanted to spend extra quality time with your Daddy. I understand why...he's awesome!!! He really loved the book you made him. I think it was a BIG hit.

Then it was gym and home. You were a very sleepy little princess when we got home. Not taking good naps will do that for you, little one!

Monday you got to go spend a little bit of time with Aunt Lori! You sure do keep me on my toes, girl! You took and awesome morning nap...almost 2 hours! Then I had to wake you up at 10:30 to go to Aunt Lori's, and she texted me later to tell me that you were really tired and went down for another nap around noon. What? You and your schedule, crazy girl...I don't get it.

Tuesday you went to Grandma's for a bit. Then, when we got home, it was HOT HOT HOT! So we did some playing on our splash pad to cool down a bit. 

You love playing in the water! You did not love, though, when you leaned too far forward and the water came up under your hat. That made you a little timid of it for awhile. You got over it pretty quickly and continued to splash away like the little fishy you are!

Speaking of little fishy...you are also a little vacuum! You are doing such a good job eating! You typically do three meals a day now, plus a snack here or there. You have, however, found the joy in feeding Truff. You will throw him food and giggle up a storm. I'm sure he loves it...although your aim is a liiiiiittle too good, apparently. I caught Truffle the other day with Cheerios stuck in his fur thanks to a certain little Ellie-bean! See?

You are also not the most tidy of eaters. Nope...you end up wearing a lot of your oatmeal. Oh well...it is good for the skin, right? Maybe you will be my spa buddy after all!

Wednesday we very much needed a Mommy and Ellie date, so we went to the zoo. This time, the lions were sleeping so you were okay with that. We watched some kangaroos get in a fight (which you thought was SO funny!) and we saw the sea otters swim along in the underwater viewing area. You thought that was pretty cool, and you kept pointing them out to me. I must say, I love that we figured out that the Beco works really well for the zoo. Not messing with the stroller and having you attached to me where I can talk to you and point out things to you is just SO much nicer!

Wednesday we were at the gym again. That is getting more challenging. You know exactly where Daddy and I are, and you are not happy to be away from us. We're definitely entering into the world of separation anxiety. When I take you in the gym, though, you get SO happy. You showed the big girls how you can walk across the floor holding my fingers and you were just SO proud of yourself. I love seeing that smile on your face!

Thursday we had to run some errands. But other than that it was a pretty low-key day. Daddy has been going into work early so he can get off early and work on landscaping stuff, so he's been a little worn out. Luckily, he makes it a point to spend time playing with you every night, which I know you love!

Friday started out interesting. I heard you stirring, but then I heard a THUD and giggle. What? So I checked the monitor and saw this: 

Yeah...what happened? You LOVE to stand in your crib and knock the camera down. Which you did. And then you decided to play with your feet through the crib slats. Oh, little one...you are giving me a run for my money already!

Then, you headed over to see Grandma and Grandpa. And it was even Grandma's birthday! So you had lots of fun playing with them, and you were a swinging machine in your swing! You blew bubbles and looked at the pinwheels, and had a very good time. 

We did have a rough afternoon, though. You were not wanting to go down for a nap and...the power went off. What??? It was nice and sunny. Arg. So, you were NOT napping after that. Good thing the UPS man brought some new toys from that Amazon sale, and that your Mommy has zero self restraint when it comes to fun new toys!

Friday night we surprised Grandma by going out to dinner with her and Grandpa. She was very surprised, and Daddy and I were pretty surprised that you did so well at dinner considering you had a very crappy napping day. But you hung in and had a good dinner. 

Saturday was Daddy and my anniversary! We've been married 11 years! Well, we decided we should go to the beach to celebrate. You had an awesome time playing in the sand!

Daddy and I had some yummy Silver Beach pizza and then we took you over to the splash pad. You LOVED that. You had the biggest, cheesiest smile on you face the whole time! You loved touching the water jets and being swung into them. You were getting really mad that you couldn't chase around the other kids, though! I know, you'll be walking soon enough, but it definitely frustrates you that you can't yet!

Sunday we went to church, and thankfully you slept a little better in church. Then, you were entertained eating cheerios for pretty much the duration. Yay cheerios!!! You did not want to nap when you got home, though. Too much fun to be had in the crib, I guess!

Monday we met Grandma at the mall, but since your naps had again been icky, we didn't get to stay long. You were pretty crabby most of the day, and didn't take a good nap until right before Daddy got home. Luckily, since that made for a pretty long day for me, you and Daddy took off to get dinner so I could get some rest. Yay for rest!

But then, that night, Daddy noticed you were feeling a little warm. We took your temp and sure enough...102. Poor baby bean. We gave you tylenol and put you to bed. When Daddy checked on you a bit later you still felt really warm so he got you up at the 4 hour mark to give you more Tylenol. good thing, your temp was still over 100. Poor thing! You woke up on your own about an hour before your next dose, and luckily your temp was down under 100. I fed you and then put you back to sleep until you woke up at 5:15. Another dose of tylenol, a snack and you were out until about 7. Luckily, when you woke up at 7, your temp was down to 98.9 so the tylenol was definitely doing its job now! Phew! We were so worried about you. So today we are hanging out, watching disney movies and playing on the floor. I hope you will take some good naps so you start feeling better!

I cannot believe that you are almost 10 months old. That is just crazy to me! You are so much fun. So social, and happy. I just love spending time with you. Even when all you want to do is watch Beauty and the Beast and cuddle up, there is NO place I'd rather be. And when I hear you calling for "Mama"...it just melts my heart. There is no sweeter sound in all of the world! You are so amazing, bean, and Daddy and I just love you so much. You are the best little princess EVER!

I love you, 

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