Tuesday, November 5, 2013

26.5 weeks, Halloween, and such...

So, Thursday was Halloween! My little birdie dressed as a birdie and we went out Trick or Treating. We didn't get to go to as many houses as we would have liked, but that's okay. It was icky and rainy out anyway!

We started out at Craig and Ellie's house. Have I mentioned they are obsessed with Ellie? Yeah. She has them wrapped around her finger! We were their first trick-or-treaters since they moved in in 2004. Turns out, they had their son and daughter in law over and were having pancakes for dinner. Well, that made my Ellie awfully happy, as she went right to "big" Ellie and enjoyed some pancakes. Who said that 14 month olds can't have treats? She sure made the right dinner for this one!

Then we stopped at Reabe's house. They hadn't seen Ellie in awhile and she had a very good time "trading" candy with Jim while we talked.

Then it was over to finish the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

She was pooped after all that running around, for sure! But she had a great time trick-or-treating, even with the crummy weather!

Then, Friday we took off to WI to see the family. We got there really late, and Ellie was pretty much delirious! She was running circles, laughing and falling down. Poor overtired princess...but it was SO funny. The rest of the weekend was fun too, but SUUUUUPER busy. We had a full day Saturday seeing family and having Ellie's "Wisconsin birthday party" and then had to head home bright and early Sunday in order to make it to the gym in time. Needless to say, Monday I CRASHED!

And now, a baby S update...

How far along:  26 weeks, 5 days. There are 93 days until my due date. Being in double digits makes me want to throw up. How is this going this fast??? Thursday I will be in the THIRD TRIMESTER. 
How big is baby: The size of an eggplant. 14 inches. 
What I've done to prep for baby: We ordered her crib! It should be in this week, and it was a pretty darn good deal. I'm trying to start a 'needs' and 'wants' list that is a little more comprehensive than my half-registries. Ryan did point out that the "needs" list is actually pretty low. Which is good! Hopefully we can get some of our wants for Christmas too. We'll see! 
I will say that it is funny this time around, because I'm almost MORE compulsive about making sure things are taken care of for Ellie when S comes. Like the busy bags. And I am fighting the urge to cook up like 100lbs of sweet potato under the premise of making sure I have easy food to heat up for E. Reason number 406 that a freezer is on our new baby 'needs' list, I guess! 
Best moment of the week: Honestly, the real best moment of the week was this weekend when we were in WI and I was trying to get E to sleep. She curled up on my chest and was just so stinking content to snuggle in and fall asleep. Sigh. I love that little one. But pertaining to pregnancy and/or S? That is harder. I mean, I love her ninja-girl dance parties, but other than that, I can't really think of anything. Which makes me kind of sad. I feel like I don't appreciate this pregnancy to the extent I did with Ellie. And that makes me nervous about making sure I appreciate S when she gets here. 
Food cravings: Nothing really. I was just telling Ryan last night that eating has gotten easier again. I still can't eat very much food, but I haven't had the aversions that I did earlier. If I can remember with E, this is when I started getting sick a LOT so I am hopeful I can skip that part of pregnancy!
Symptoms: Nothing new. Feeling HUUUUUGE. Been having loads of sinus issues which pregnancy just makes worse, so that kind of stinks. 
Movement: Oh. Yes. S is SO active. 
What I’m looking forward to: Getting my glucose test over with. Arg. And a fun Mommy/Ellie road trip this weekend!
Next appt: Today I have an OB appt and then I have an endo appt on Friday. Fun, fun!

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