Friday, February 21, 2014

3 weeks!

Dear Scarlett,

You are 3 weeks old today! Yay! It is funny, because while I feel like time is going so fast, and you are getting so big so fast, I also feel like you've just always been a part of our family. I can't believe I ever woke up without little sweet coos and I ever went to bed without seeing your little milk drunk smile.

This week has been another busy time. The weekend was crazy as usual. We spent some nice family time together on Saturday and ran some errands (out of diapers...time for a Target run...whoops!) and then went to church on Sunday. You were perfect again in church and happily cuddled in Daddy's arms! Sunday night you spend with Daddy and Ellie while I was at the gym. You have a SuperDad for your Daddy! When I came home, your sister and you had both had baths and your sister was already snoozing away. I was way impressed with your Daddy's skills!

Speaking of needing diapers, your cord stump finally fell off, and so now you are into cloth diapers about 80 percent of the time. Yay! You fit awesome into our newborn pockets, and seem to really like them. I am now a little more bogged down with diaper laundry, but it is good getting into a routine.

You are getting so much more aware of things these days. You've found the birds on your bouncer, and just like your sister was, you are fascinated by them.

Tuesday and Wednesday the weather finally warmed up enough that we were able to bust out the double stroller and go for a walk. All 4 of us LOVED that, and all the neighbors loved seeing you too. You stayed nice and warm in your bunny suit, and your sister was very proud to be rising next to you.

We went to the gym on Wednesday night and you got to meet and snuggle with some of your cheer Aunts. You loved that. And your sister was back wreaking havoc on the gym. I think she missed that too. 

Thursday we dropped your sister off and Grandma and Grandpa's and headed to the breastfeeding group. You are up to 8lbs on the nose...a perfect weight gain. Gemma, from church, LOVED seeing you, and I got to brag on what a perfect little baby you are! I also got asked to speak at a breastfeeding coalition meeting for medical professionals next month, which I think is pretty cool. Good thing both you and your sister are such breastfeeding enthusiasts! :)

Today, we hung out around here again. I have been doing a little too much and having some pain, so hopefully that goes away. I just want to do everything for you and your sister.

You are still such a little snuggle bug. Daddy and I both enjoy cuddles and Truff even got in on it. 

Ellie is still being an awesome big sister to you. She entertains you lots, especially when you are doing tummy time. See?

You love to watch her, even when she is flipping around with Daddy: Are you ever going to be that crazy, Baby Squish? I don't think Mommy's heart can take having two baby daredevils!

You are just an amazing little one, though, Smooshy! You keep us on our toes...doing a 7 hour stretch at night one night, and then the next refusing to go back down at 3:30am. But no matter what you throw at us, all those sweet cuddles make everything worth it. I love you so much, and get all emotional looking at your sweet little face and thinking about your sister and Truff and just getting overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. Through all the crazy (and this house does get crazy) I am so lucky that I get to be the Mommy of the best kiddos ever. I love you, Scarlett!!!


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