Friday, February 28, 2014

4 weeks

Dear Baby Scarlett,

WHOA! You are 4 weeks old already! You are getting so big these days, I cannot believe it! So what happened this week?

Well, the weekend was filled with some good family time. On Saturday, we went over and you met your Great-Grandpa. He loved seeing you and your sister both (but I think he was a little sad we didn't bring your brother. He LOVES playing with Truff.) He even mentioned how well behaved both of you are. You guys have him fooled! 

On Sunday, it was off too church as usual. We thought about leaving you in the carrier, but instead Daddy decided to chance it and cuddle with you. You were perfect the entire time, smoosh! You were content to be held and suck on your paci a time or two. You and your sister were looking like quite the fashionistas too! 

I think your sister might just be getting jealous of all your hair. She tried a new 'do. I don't think it worked out too well...

On Monday you had your second doctor's appointment! We dropped Ellie off at Grandma's and braved it alone since Daddy couldn't come to this one, as his work has been nutso.

The good news is that you are doing GREAT! You are up to 8 lbs 5 oz (34%) on weight, and GET THIS... 22.5 inches for height. That is the 98th percentile!!! WHAT??? Yup, supermodel Scarlett in our future! 

The bad news...your sister wasn't feeling too good. She was having some tummy issues which resulted in needed 3 baths in one day. Poor big sister! I was freaking out a bit hoping that you didn't catch it too. You are just to little to deal with all that, Snugglebug!

Luckily, Ellie was on the mend soon enough, and we got some of her favorite pancakes into her. I hate it when either of my girls are not feeling well. I just love you both so much!

Since it was a rough week, we did try to spend a lot of time "down". You did come with me to a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, though, and then Wednesday we spent the day snuggled up in our jammies, all 3 of us, cuddling and watching a little too much TV. I love snuggle time with my girls!

It was really cold again on Thursday, so we stayed in. You are doing so good with your tummy time these days, Scarlett. You are getting so strong! And you are so lucky that your sister keeps you entertained. You're not the biggest fan of it, so being able to watch the little blonde monster helps!

On Friday you FINALLY got to meet your Aunt Janel, on attempt number 4. I hate this bad weather for so many reasons, but that was definitely one of them! She loved you and you gave her awesome snuggles. You showed her that you were a dream baby and slept all through lunch too. She definitely told me that you are easier than even "easy" babies she's seen. Smoosh, you really are one easy baby. Stay that way, OK?

I've got to admit that your smooshy snuggles are just about the best thing ever. Both Daddy and I love it so much when you just curl up, all content, and snuggle into our chests. It is amazing to me how well you just "fit" into this family. You really were made for us, and we didn't even realize that there was a hole in our family until you came to fill it. We love you SO much, Miss Scarlett McSquishypants!

I love you, 

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