Monday, June 23, 2014


Okay, so this kid is FUNNY. Daily she cracks me up with something she says. Here are a couple favorites from the past couple weeks:

-Ellie was slamming her palm down on her scrambled eggs yelling "HATCH, birdie, HATCH" Um, it is a little late for that now, Ellie

-"Brush teeth" CONSTANTLY. Oh, but only with her "Pony" toothbrush. And lots of "paste". And depending on the day, the pony is either Cody or Trigger, the two horses down the street.

-To Scalett: "No cry, baby! Shopping!" Apparently she is well versed at retail therapy.

-Ellie: "Momma, sing!" So I start the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  "No. Different." So I try The Wheels on the Bus.
  "NO." Old MacDonald?
  "NOOOO" *puts hands over ears* "Different" "This This" points to stereo.
 Oh, okay. I didn't realize I lived with the not-yet-2-year-old version of Simon Cowell.

-Oh, and she is putting things together. "Baby eat boob". Oh please don't say that in public. Sigh.

-Another favorite with Scarlett: we were on a walk with Ellie walking and Scarlett in the beco. At one point Ellie started asking for "up, up!" So I picked her up. Baby on front, toddler on the hip, leash in the hand, it was quite a sight. But then Ellie grabbed Scarlett's hand and said "High FIE!" and high-fived her...then without missing a beat "KNUCLES" and 'bumped' her. Ha!

She is so stinking funny. I love her to pieces!

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