Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 weeks!

Dear Baby Bean,

You are 10 weeks old today! Double digits! Yay baby bean! You are growing so much and so fast, I cannot stand it.

We've had a pretty laid-back week this week. Saturday, we chilled at home to see how you were doing from your shots. Luckily, they didn't seem to be bothering you at all, and you were back to your happy, smiley self.

Sunday, we went to church and you were a crab again. You always sleep through the songs and then wake up when the sermon starts. So you sleep when it is loud and are up when it is quiet. Silly bean! Of course your schedule was off then, and when we got home, you fought naps hard again, which made you pretty crabby for Dad and when you came to the gym that night. You gave Mommy some good snuggles before I left for the gym, though. Ellie snuggles are the best thing EVER!

Monday, as usual, was our recovery day from Sunday. You were up earlier than normal due to the time change, but you were still smiley and happy for the most part. We ran to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for bow making later in the week. Other than that, we stayed close to home, as you seemed a bit "off" to me.

Tuesday you were seriously crabby again. Growth spurt? Wonder week? Potentially. Either way you are tiring Mommy out! You are still the cutest thing EVER in the morning. Seriously. Your morning stretches make. my. day. See?

We ended up doing some errands to get us both out of the house. I think that was a good thing, and you zonked when we were walking around the mall, which was very good for both of us! You also took a bath with me in the big girl tub. You loved it! It calmed you down and you loved splashing around and kicking those little legs!

Wednesday was another somewhat rough day. We went over to Aunt Lori's to make bows. 

For the most part you did awesome. But you hadn't pooped in a couple days, and when we were at Aunt Lori's you decided to let it all out! You were COVERED! So much so, that I took you home in your car seat in just a diaper. So then we had to do another bath. You are fighting naps so much and that makes it so hard for me, little baby bird! We tried an earlier bed time, which seemed to work a little. That night was REALLY rough for me, but that wasn't your fault. You actually nursed and went down really easy! Even when you have fussy times you are SUCH a good girl and I love you so much!

Thursday we stayed home again, since I was still not feeling well from the night before. You napped like a champ, which made you less fussy (and I really appreciated it!). Daddy had to work late, but when he got home, we went to get you an early Christmas present: a play mat! You LOVE it! We got you one where you can kick your legs and play the piano, and you think that is the best thing ever! That, and looking at yourself in the mirror that hangs from the arch. You are grabbing and batting at the toys too. Definitely a good investment for us! 

We also tried out your big girl carrier on a walk with your brother. We both loved it! It is so much easier to take you for walks in that than in your stroller!

Friday was a good day too. Good naps, minimal fussiness. You are spitting up a bit more than you have in the past which I want to keep an eye on. It was a nice day so we ended up taking a couple walks. Truffle LOVED that. And then we all went to bed by 8:30. Man, you wear us out baby birdy!

I love you so, so much Ellie-bean. There are so many times when you, me, Daddy and Truffle are all snuggling in bed and I just think about how blessed I am and how we really do have the perfect little family. You and Truffle both were just hand picked for your Daddy and I and we could not ask for more perfect kiddos for us. Even though you can both drive us crazy at times, we love you more than you could ever know! I love being your Mommy and I am so blessed that I get to have such an amazing daughter!

I love you,

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