Thursday, November 8, 2012

So you had a bad day...

Yup, yesterday was a BAD day. And usually I don't vent on here. But honestly, I need to get this out.

Here is what I don't understand, and what quite honestly DRIVES ME CRAZY. Why in the world do people not seem to understand that newborns cry sometimes? I'll tell you, I'm with E almost 24 hours a day. You want to know why she typically cries? She is hungry, or she is fighting a nap. Most likely fighting a nap. I really don't need everyone to tell me what is wrong with my kid. I feel like I know her pretty darn well. For once I'm fairly confident in this sort of thing. But instead, I've had people suggest to me that:
-She has colic
-My milk has gone bad
-I'm overfeeding her
-I'm underfeeding her
-She's cold
-She's hot
-She has reflux
-She has gas problems
Some people might find others' input in this area helpful. I do not. I know my kid. Want to know why she's crabby? She usually takes an hour nap in the afternoon and she refused to be put down and snoozed on my chest for 10 minutes. And now she's in an environment that would overstimulate ANYONE. She's going to cry. Borrowing trouble by suggesting all these problems that don't exist simply makes me feel like you don't think I know my kid, or how to properly take care of her.

And we wonder why new moms are so susceptible to anxiety and depression?

So last night was a disaster for me. E was fine. Well, except for the fact that she went to bed 2 hours earlier than normal because she was so stinking tired. And slept until her normal wake-up time this morning. And even today, I'm still feeling the aftershocks of a simply horrible evening for me.

It is times like this where I would just like to never leave the house so I would never have to deal with other people "fixing" my kid who doesn't need fixing. She just needs a nap. Just like her Mom.

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