Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6 weeks (a little late - but with extra pics!)

Dear Ellie-bean,

Today you are 6 weeks and 3 days old! I've been so good about writing to you on your weekly birthday, but this weekend was NUTS and this is the first time I've gotten to write to you.

Like I said, the week was pretty busy. Last Saturday we stayed home and watched the Notre Dame game. We were worried it was going to be a tough game, but luckily, their little cheerleader helped them to go 5-0. Yay! You and I were both excited. Well, I was excited, and by the end of the game you were asleep.

On Sunday it was off to church as usual. This time, though, Grandma and Grandpa Mason came with us. You were pretty fussy and did not want to sit in church, so Mommy didn't get to either. But in good news, you're now fitting into your 0-3 clothes. That means that even when you are fussy, you are SO adorable. See?

The rest of the week was much more low-key. You had been pretty fussy in the evenings, which was driving your Dad and I absolutely bonkers. Luckily, we're a really good team, so we're muddling through. Wednesday was a rough day. We had been doing so good breastfeeding and then all of a sudden, it hurt a LOT. That part was not so good! Thursday, you had a big morning. Just like me and your Grandmother, you love a good sale, and Gymboree had an awesome sale, so off we went! We went a little crazy and now you will be the best dressed kiddo well into your toddler years. It is just too much fun to dress you up! Then we went to have lunch. Well, I had lunch, and Grandma just held and cuddled you and took her lunch to-go.

After shopping, we rushed over to the breastfeeding group. They checked us both out, and said they didn't think it was a major problem, just that maybe we both got lazy about your latch. Good news, since we had a big weekend ahead of us. Oh, and they measured you at 8 pounds 7 ounces. Go baby bean! I hate that you are getting so big so fast, but I love that you are thriving and that we are doing so well breastfeeding. I feel like FINALLY my body is doing what it is "made" to do, since many other parts of getting you here were not easy in the least!

The weekend marked your first big road trip to Wisconsin. You were SO good in the car. No major crying at all. We all appreciated that. We stopped at Pat and Irene's house first and had lunch with them, and then headed over to meet your Great Grandma. You got a little fussy at her house, but calmed down when we went over to Susie and Dan's house. Everyone was there and they were so excited to meet you. Great Grandma, Susie, Dan, Aimee, Joey, Maddie, Carter, Pete, Beth, Dane, and of course Grandma and Grandpa were all there and you did not get put down all day. You were great, though, and gave everyone lots of cuddles. Everyone absolutely loved you as usual. Then we went and spent your first night in a hotel. You were a touch more fussy going to bed, but not too bad at all. 

On the way home we stopped by Michigan City, and the Gymboree outlet. Grandma and I started shopping like the crazies we are, but then Grandpa even got in on the action, asking the sales associates to get other sizes. What? Grandpa like shopping? Only for you, little princess!

So that brings us to the start of this week. We laid low yesterday because we were all so tired. Truffle was too, since he stayed with all the puppies across the street this weekend. We had lots of naps, and lots of snuggles. 

Being your Mommy is still the best thing in the world. There is nothing that I'd rather do than to just sit and cuddle you. And even after more than six weeks, I still feel like the luckiest person in the world, getting to be your Mom. I love when you look at me and smile, or when I pick you up when you are upset and you calm down. I hope that I can always be that much of a comfort to you.

I love you so, so much little one!

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