Saturday, January 26, 2013

21 weeks!

Dear Ellie-bean,

You are 21 weeks old today! Wow, baby bean, I just can't believe it. You are growing up so fast and learning so much every single day. Just thinking back over the week, I am SO amazed.

So what happened this week? Well, Sunday we had our last competition of the season to go to, Indiana state. Luckily, it was only at Bethel, so we didn't have to go far. Grandma and Grandpa came again to watch you, which you always like! Grandpa sang more jingle bells to you and you fought naps like a crazy girl! Some of our NE kiddos were there too, and Daddy was showing off your newest tricks for them. Little daredevil that you are, you now do "fulls" where Daddy tosses you up and spins you around. You giggle SO much at that. You also sit up and balance on Daddy's hand. All the cheer kiddos thought that was pretty awesome, but a lot of the cheer parents wanted to kill Daddy for doing that! They are a little protective of you, bean!

After that excitement, I definitely wanted to stay home and relax, but we couldn't on Monday! I had a doctor's appointment. But, you got to go over and chill at Aunt Lori's house. Haileigh and Yanni were off school too, so you got LOTS of attention, and they were even able to get you to take a good nap! You took an awesome nap when we got home too. Yay for good naps! You also got to play in your exersaucer a bit. It is so cool, you are really playing with the toys now. It is so cool to see you figure all that out! 

Speaking of figuring things out, you also figured out your Jumperoo on Monday, and you are IN LOVE! See? You love, love, LOVE bouncing in it now. It is good to wear you out, and it buys Daddy and I a couple minutes with you content. You even get fussy when we try to get you out, silly bean!

You did give Daddy a surprise too. He was laying back on the couch holding you up by your ankles. You guys were face to face and you were giggling up a storm, spit up ALL over his face. I was laughing soooo hard, but he took it like a champ.

Tuesday was a nice, relaxing day around home, thank goodness! BUT you only wanted to take half hour or less naps, you little stinker! You were overtired and king of a mess. Thank goodness for some Daddy help when he got home!

Wednesday was a much better day. You napped better, and we got in some good play time. You are so intent on figuring out all your toys. And trying to eat them. You are just amazed by your tongue these days. You move it all over and play with it like crazy!

Wednesday night at the gym was a little messy. You skipped your late-afternoon nap, and so you were TIRED when you got there. Even Aunt Andrea couldn't get you to sleep.

Thursday we were getting a little stir-crazy, so we went to the mall with Grandma. We had a good time for the most part, but then you started getting a little bit crabby, so I left the store to walk down and change and feed you....when Grandpa showed up! You were ALL smiles for him! Especially when he was bouncing you! The two of you are making plans to go on the BIG jumperoo at the mall, but for now, I think you should stick to this one!

Grandpa met up with us again at Kohls, where Grandma and I were getting you your very first doll! We found one with a birdy on her dress. How perfect for my little baby birdy! You were giving her kisses in the store. Or trying to latch on to her nose. One of the two!

Friday you hadn't slept too well, but I managed to get my tooshie out of bed and go workout. I am really trying to get more healthy so that I can keep up with you, jumping bean. So you went to hang out with Grandma a bit. Then we did a little more shopping. Just when I think your wardrobe can't get any better, Grandma finds more cute things. 

Even with shopping two days in a row, you weren't too worn out to jumperoo it a little bit. No sir! You are getting better and better at it, and even got some "air" launching yourself out of the seat. Whoa girl!

Friday night you went with Daddy and Truffle to get a pizza and I got a little break for a bath and a nap. Have I mentioned you have the BEST Daddy? You do. He  is so great with you, even when he is exhausted too. Truff hasn't been sleeping well, so he has spent the last couple nights on the couch, and he still pitches in and helps with you. What an awesome guy!

Speaking of awesome Daddy, he let me sleep in a little Saturday. Yay! I loved that, but I admit, I was also happy when you came out and wanted to cuddle and nurse, at about 9am. Love cuddles and nursing. It is the best!

We got some groceries, then came home and spent the rest of the day around the house. While I was working on putting away some of your new clothes, we had a little fashion show.  I can't wait for this summer! You are going to rock your new sundresses, bean!

You had lots of fun with Dad today too. And apparently you can do unassisted handstands today. Your new tricks just crack us up!

You had your first solid food tonight too, completely unintentionally! You won't be having any more until 6 months, like I planned, but I had you on my hip when Dad handed me a piece of homemade bread (YUM). I apparently got it a little too close to you and you latched onto it and starting sucking. That is crazy! You even managed to swallow a little bit. I am NOT ready for this, little one. You are growing up WAY too fast!!!

Even though you are growing up so, so fast, it is simply amazing to see all the growing and changing you are doing. You are so much fun. From your giggles in the morning to your sleepy cuddles at night, you are the absolute highlight of every single one of my days. You are so amazing and so precious, and I just love you so much, my little baby bird!

I love you!

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