Saturday, February 2, 2013

22 Weeks

Dear Baby Bean,

You are 22 weeks old today...that mean I am the Mommy of a 5 month old! How in the WORLD did that happen? Wasn't I just snuggling with my little baby birdy in the hospital, so scared to break you, yet so amazed that you were here? Wasn't that just yesterday? Time is going WAY too fast, little one.

So, what happened this week? Well, Sunday we went to church, and then we came back home for awhile until I headed to the gym. You were pretty good in church, although you refused to nap. You were flirting away with the other babies and the ushers.

Then you spent some time with Daddy before you headed to the gym. I got glowing reports from both Aunt Lori and Daddy about how awesome you were. You were all giggles and gummy smiles and no crabbyness! We LOVE happy little birds!

Monday we woke up nice and well slept from 9-7:15 with only one wake up. Could you possibly be getting back to sleeping through the night? I am crossing my fingers! We spent the rest of the day around the house, having lots of Mommy and Ellie time. I love that. Weekends are always so busy, I really like Mondays being kind of "our" day.

That night, Daddy came home and brought in the mail, it was a GOOD mail day! Your dress came! Well let me back up, I found the most perfect dress for your birthday (yes, I am thinking that far ahead already!) and Daddy was able to win it on ebay for us. It has pansies all over it, your Great Grandma's very favorite flower. I'm absolutely convinced that the reason you took your sweet time getting to us is because you were having a ball with her, so it only made sense to me to get you this dress. Oh, and your Grandma says that Great Grandma also taught you to suck your thumb because she always wanted a thumb sucker. Apparently she didn't get to the part where you curl your fingers under, since you suck yur thumb with your fingers cupped around your nose! Couldn't she have taught you to sleep a little better too?

Okay, anyways, we had to try on the dress. It looks BEAUTIFUL on you, bean. But you weren't in to a fashion show. Instead, you tried to eat your new dress. Arg!

Tuesday was a VERY busy day! Grandpa had to have a procedure, so we went over to keep him company and distract him. You were such a sweet little girl, and gave him awesome cuddles. He sang your song (jingle bells) and you fell asleep for an hour curled up on his chest. What a sweet princess you were. You stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while I had to leave for a meeting in Kalamazoo. Grandma and Grandpa dropped you off at Aunt Lori's on the way to the hospital, and you had an awesome time playing with her. I picked you up a couple hours later and Uncle Pete was singing away to you! Then, we went over to the hospital to see Grandpa. You couldn't snuggle with him, but you did enjoy jumping on his bed for him. You are a crazy little jumping bean!

Wednesday we got to see Grandpa again. He wanted to walk around, but it was cold and icky out so we went to the mall. We let you sit in your stroller the "big girl" way for the first time. I think you liked looking at everything. At least for a couple minutes until you conned Grandpa into busting you out and carrying you, even though he was not supposed to be lifting over 10lbs. You cuddled and took another nice nap with him, though.

Then, it was off to the gym. After the gym we went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Mason. They left Friday for 3 weeks to go to Guatemala, so they wanted to see you before they left. You were such a good girl, even though you had a long couple of days and I expected you to be very cranky. I am so glad that you are so good to all the people that love you so much, bean!

Thursday I could have used a "down" day, but no sir! We were going again! We went over to Saint Mary's to introduce you to everyone. You were quite the hit, and had smiles for everyone. And you only interrupted a couple classes. I really did love working there, but now I am having such a blast being home with you. I did tell them that I would be up to discussing teaching only one class in the fall. We'll see.

We also went over to the breastfeeding support group. I'm so glad that is going well, little bean. You got weighed and you were 13lbs 1oz. Perfect growth. I'm so proud that you have always been 100 percent breastfed! What a cool accomplishment for us both! You loved looking at the other babies, too. You were completely into playing on the floor with them.

You were WORN OUT from such an exciting day, though bean, and napped for over two hours in your carseat. What?

Friday we were going to go work out like normal, but it had snowed a lot and the roads were bad, so we stayed home in the morning. You played with Truff which you LOVE. He is so good with you. He tries to bite off his fur when you get a handful of it, but he will NOT bite you. Such a good big brother.

That afternoon you went to hang out with Grandma for awhile so that I could work on my paper. She loved having you clonk out on her, and I was able to get a good amount of work done. 

That evening was photoshoot time. You were SO smiley, we got some great ones. We did 5 month pics and some Valentine's Day, but I am only going to share a 5 month one. The others are top secret! It was one of your best shoots yet, though!

I love how this captured your smile and personality. I love that it is showing more and more each day. 

Today, Daddy went to a swap meet, so we got to hang out together again. I love spending time with you, bean. Even when you are fighting naps like a crazy lady, you are still by far the coolest, sweetest, prettiest, funniest, most awesome little girl in the whole wide world. Really! Every day I just get so emotional and overwhelmed that I get to be your Mommy. I wanted to be A mommy for so long, that I just can't believe that I am lucky enough to get to be THE mommy to the best little girl ever. 

I love you so much, princess!

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