Friday, January 10, 2014

36 weeks

Whew! Well after the snow day Monday, things went a bit downhill. My girl does NOT do well being stuck in the house. With the windchills as they were (-20 and colder!) we didn't even let her go on walks with Truff, so she had major cabin fever, and by Tuesday afternoon, it was pretty apparent that we needed OUT of the house ASAP! We had already done all the coloring, play-doh-ing, etc that we could for the week!

So, we ventured out to the mall on Wednesday. That definitely did her highness good! She was much happier after being able to run around a bit, and I was happy with the good nap I got out of her. Well, except for the fact that she got ALL snuggled up in her car seat on the way home and decided to start the nap a bit early. Silly bean!

Then it was to the gym that night. We had practice with one of the teams, and it was SO funny, because she got to be in the gym, when she usually hangs out in the lobby. She was in HEAVEN. She REALLY wants to dance with the big kids. Like, a lot. She is SUCH a ham. 

Thursday, she was a CRAB in the morning. I tried to get her down for a nap, and that didn't go so well. In fact, the second time I attempted, I hear her babbling a couple minutes later "Mom. Sock. PULL!" Yeah, she can now unzip her sleep sacks and so she pulled her sock off. She was so proud of herself, but of course, that meant no sleep! She went off to Grandma's that afternoon though, while I had my OB appointment, and they managed to wear her out a bit more. 

This morning, I am happy to say she is back to herself. Or maybe herself-plus! She is a hoot. Talk about energy! She picked out a headband and proceeded to do laps around the kitchen. Hmmm. I wonder why I am so tired by the time I put her down for the night?

Ah, but I love those squeals and giggles. She is just too much. I am trying to soak up every last bit I can before number 2 comes along. Although I know Ellie is going to do great with the transition. She LOVES reading her big sister books, and will put her finger up to her lips and make a "shhhhh" sound every time we go in S's room. How sweet! I just love that girl to pieces and hop her sister is just as cool!

How far along:  36 weeks, 1 day. God-willing, three weeks from today I will be holding our newest little one! <3
How big is baby: The size of a coconut. 18.7 inches and 6 pounds.
What I've done to prep for baby: 
The nursery is really getting there. Ryan assembled the crib and dresser Tuesday evening. So now I can actually start getting stuff put away and get the crib bed skirt done. I'm so excited to see it start to come together! 

Best moment of the week: Our family snow day! And having another good, no-stress, no-drama appointment!
Food cravings: Still loving citrus-y things. My nighttime ritual of a bath and lemon ice is pretty much what keeps me sane! 
Symptoms: The beginning of the week sucked because she was sitting so high that I was out of breath. Now, I think she dropped a bit, so that has relieved itself, but I also am having more back and pelvic pain. Oh, and the rash that I had last time and would give anything to avoid? Yeah, it is back. A good excuse to take lots of oatmeal baths, I guess.
Movement: Yes, but lighter. Not as many belly-jumping kicks. Much more in the way of just "pushes" so it is harder to feel when when I am up and around, which, of course freaks me out a bit. 
What I’m looking forward to: Getting the nursery more put together. And the decal up. I cannot WAIT to see that! And getting my hair done next week. Baby S cannot come before I get my roots touched up. I made that mistake with Ellie. NEVER. AGAIN. 
Next appt: Next Friday. And it is with my doctor, so I am guessing we'll go over a final "c-day" plan. Cannot wrap my brain around the fact that I am there already. It really does seem like just yesterday I found out. 

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