Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family day

So Saturday we took the time to have a little family day at home. We needed to have some time to enjoy our last weekend of being a family of three and a fluffball. It still makes me tear up a bit knowing that I won't be able to devote all my time and energy to my Ellie-bean.

So what did we do?

Well, had family cuddle time in bed and watched some cartoons. Then yummy waffles for breakfast! And then Ryan wanted to do some maternity pics. I was skeptical. I felt WAY cuter when I did maternity pics with Ellie. But he insisted and I am glad he did. We got some super cute pics of Ellie and I and the bump. Ellie cooperated really well. I guess all my days of asking "Where is baby Scarlett" paid off, because she knew exactly where she was and where to give kisses! Oh, and some cute pics of Ellie too. She takes my breath away with how beautiful she is. Sigh.

Kisses for baby sister!

Can we feel kicking?

After the photo shoot, we enjoyed some yummy chicken noodle soup that Ryan had made. Ellie is a big fan of Dad's soups, and then made a little blanket and pillow fortress and watched Beauty and the Beast. Truff joined the snuggle time too.

Then, before bed, it was a little glowstick party in her bedroom. She had so much fun with them, and we were able to count and make lots of shapes and have lots of belly laughs. 

Overall a great day with my favorite people. <3

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