Monday, January 27, 2014


Everyone better back me up on how horrible this winter has been when I am telling S this! Really, I mean every winter baby is born in a blizzard, right? While walking uphill both ways to school...

But really. This winter STINKS. Every time I breath easier thinking I've gotten through one snow emergency, another one pops up...

Because of which, my OB appt for tomorrow got cancelled. They tried to reschedule the ultrasound...for Feb 3rd. Uh, she's going to fail her BPP horribly on Feb 3rd, because THERE WILL BE NO BABY IN THERE. Two tried later and I am finally rescheduled for a BPP on Wednesday. But I am SO over the snow, and all the anxiety that comes with it. NEVER AGAIN will I do this 3rd trimester in the winter non-sense. 

And for prosperity's sake, a local meteorologist posted this today. See, Scarlett, I am not being a drama queen. This winter REALLY is that bad. 

"Through January 26th, the average temperature at South Bend is 17.3 degrees*, which is 7.1 degrees below normal. Also, South Bend has seen ROUGHLY 70 - 75 inches of snow so far this season. The average for the ENTIRE season is 66.6''. The most snow we've had in a winter is 136.3" in 1977 / '78. The meteorological winter runs from December 1 - February 28th, so we have just over a month to continue to destroy the average... "

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