Friday, April 18, 2014

11 weeks

Dear Scarlett,

You are 11 weeks old today, sweet girl! I still can't believe that I get to be your Mommy. I look at you in amazement often, and still feel like I have to pinch myself when I talk about my TWO daughterS.

So what's new this week? Well, Saturday we had no big plans and it was a nice day, so we decided to take you on your very first trip to the zoo. Unfortunately, you slept through it all, smoosh! It was nice to walk around and get some fresh air, though, and of course your sister LOVED seeing all the animals as usual. She is a big fan of the zoo, and I am sure that you will grow to love it too!

After the zoo (and watching your sister run around on the playground) we came back home for lunch and naps, and then headed out to have attempt 2 at seeing the Easter bunny. Your sister still didn't like him. You, on the other hand, gave us GREAT smiles and we got the perfect bunny pic for your first Easter!

Look how adorable you are, my little baby Squish! I love seeing your sweet smile! It makes me so happy when you smile and coo at me!

Monday was a rainy, cold day. These nice days are such a tease. I think everyone gets put in a bad mood when we have a nice day only to be followed by icky rain! We did have to run a couple errands, but then got to come home and snuggle. You are the sweetest little snuggle bug there is, Miss Scarlett!

That also means that you and your sister got to have some good play time together. She is still so infatuated with you. She is constantly giving you kisses. Oh, and she LOVES to come with me to help get you up in the morning. She will stand over your rock n play and rock you and pat you while I turn off the sound machine. And if I try to take you to get cleaned up before I let her give you a kiss? Forget it! She will get so upset. I'm so pleased with how she's transitioned to being a big sister, and so excited to see your relationship grow and develop.

Tuesday we needed to get out of the house, so we met Grandma at the mall and walked around a bit. Like always, you were the easy-going one. I can remember being so overwhelmed and nervous getting out of the house with your sister when she was your age, but you are so chill (and I am WAY more tolerant of meltdowns!) that you are easy-peasy. 

Nights have started to change for you a little bit. We are still trying to figure you out, but it seems like you are trending towards an earlier bedtime. We used to put you in the swing to get a nap from 8ish to about 9ish. These days, though, it seems like you're not into sleeping in the swing at night. If I put you down in bed, though (and get you swaddled and do the bedtime routine) you zonk out nicely. I was worried that an earlier "bedtime" would mess up your night sleep, but so far we continue to be the parents who hit the night sleep JACKPOT. You gave us a 12 hour stretch this week. WHAT? What baby (less than 3 months old) actually DOES that?!?!? Don't get me wrong, we are VERY thankful for you being a super sleeper. God really did know exactly what our family needed when he created you to be a part of it. Your mellow personality and awesome sleep habits keep me sane!

Wednesday was 'fun'. Ellie was being pretty crabby. We hung around here, and I had my hands very full! I think her last molar is finally popping through, but I was about ready to sell her to the circus. You did help distract her, though, which was awesome. 

Thursday I got a little bit of time with you as we went to the breastfeeding coalition meeting. You just wanted to cuddle and nurse the whole meeting, which was fine by me, I did have to laugh when someone was talking about hands in the mouth being a hunger cue. You always want your hands in your mouth, hungry or not! Since you're not all that into pacis, I think you might eventually turn into a thumb sucker. Or maybe it is just that you've found your hands and they are this novel discovery. Either way, you love sucking on those hands. You're also finding your feet these days, which keeps me busy. You, Miss Kickypants, are getting your socks off like no one's business, so I am constantly chasing Truffle around taking baby socks from him.

Back to the coaltion meeting...we got you weighed too. Are you ready for this? 12lbs 6oz. WOW! You are growing like a weed. I worry about you not getting enouh to eat since you sleep so much, but apparently that is not a problem since you are gaining like a rockstar. 

I still can't believe that you've ONLY been here 11 weeks, but also I can't believe that time is going so fast. You are growing and changing so much that I often just want to hit the pause button and enjoy you being this little for just a bit longer. But, I know as you grow you'll get to be even more fun, so it is a balance. Either way, I love you SO much and I am so glad you are part of our crazy family!

I love you so much!

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