Thursday, August 23, 2012

38 weeks

Lots to write about this week, since I haven't blogged since last week and it has been pretty darn hectic, particularly with baby stuff.

Last week, we left off Thursday with me feeling pretty positive about things. That changed a bit on Friday when I had some pain in my right rib cage. Now that is always one of those symptoms they ask about, particularly with my blood pressure drama, as it can be a pre-eclampsia sign. It wasn't horribly severe, but it was sharp, constant pains, so I called the doctor, to be safe. The nurse called back in about a half hour and I explained to her my concern. Her response? "Well, that doesn't sound like contractions..." Uh, no kidding. I didn't say it was contractions. I told her I was concerned about it being a pre-eclampsia sign. She told me she never heard of anything like that being associated with pre-eclampsia and wanted to know where I heard that. Ugh...from multiple doctors in your practice and the L&D nurses both times I had to go over there. She said again that she's never heard of that and told me she'd talk to one of the doctors to check. An hour goes by, then two...finally, I say forget this nurse and her incompetence, I'm going to go get checked out at L&D. So to make a very long story short, I got checked out, E was "absolutely textbook," my blood pressures were fine once I settled down, and all my bloodwork came back perfect. So overall a successful trip.

Then on Saturday was shower number 2 with my cheer kiddos. Again, everyone was incredibly generous and we got so much of the stuff we needed for this little one. And it was a blast with all the kids.

After the shower, we came home and did a "last pass" through our registries to make sure we had what we (think) we need for E since the time is quickly approaching. The UPS man hates me, I am quite certain. Boxes upon boxes of stuff keeps pouring in. You can no longer even get in my entryway. And we've started to assemble stuff, which makes some of this "real." I cannot get over seeing the carseat base in my car, or the stroller in my living just seems so crazy!

I had my regular doctor appointment Monday, and honestly, I went into it thinking that there was NO WAY I could have 3 good appointments in a row. But, amazingly, this was the best one yet! Blood pressure was unbelievable (like 120s over 70s! Woot!), E stayed on the monitor for the NST nicely, and I didn't feel sick at all during it. She, of course, passed with flying colors. The only negative thing regarding the appointment is that we determined that the reason for me having such bad rash issues is because I have not only one type of rash, but two different types of rashes. The one that is all over my belly and arms won't go away until I deliver. Joy. So I will be sticking to my oatmeal baths and Sarna to get some relief. Oh, and I had my first internal check. Basically...nothing. 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. Looks like she'll be cooking longer. What a big change from a couple weeks ago, when induction was a constant possibility!

How far along: 38 weeks. We've been telling her all along that she can come anytime after her Daddy's birthday (which was Monday), so we're hoping she gets a move on. We are TOO excited to meet her!
How big is baby: The size of a pumpkin. 19.6 inches and 7 pounds! I definitely don't feel like I have a pumpkin in there! 
What I've done to prep for baby: Well, Ryan finished up painting the window in the nursery, so that is pretty much ready to go. We got the car seat installed and I started packing a hospital bag, finally. Truff is very ready for his baby sister to arrive too and spends a lot of time hanging out in the nursery.

Best moment of the week: E was AWESOME yesterday and kicked the crap out of me constantly. I needed that. Yesterday was a tough day.
Food cravings: The weather has been so nice that we've taken a couple cobra rides to Ritters. Although I have to skip the waffle cone and opt for a bowl, it is still darn tasty. And last night, Ryan made the most delicious lasagna ever, and it didn't end up spiking my blood sugar. I was SO, SO happy. I'm looking forward to having some for lunch. Yum1
Symptoms: The rash still stinks. I am still getting sick off and on too, which stinks, especially when I am trying desperately to gain weight. I was down another half pound this week, so a total weight gain of 5.5lbs. It is just so hard to do when I'm not so hungry, I'm limited as to what I can eat, and I am still getting sick a couple times a week after meals. 
Movement: Like I said, she was an absolute rockstar yesterday especially and I so appreciated it!
What I’m looking forward to: First, the pedicure I have scheduled in an hour ;). But most of all, little miss E making her appearance. Not that I think it will be soon, with my uninspiring 4-5 contractions per day, but I'm hopeful! I'd really like her to come before we get to the point where I have to be induced. 
Next appt: The usual NST on Monday. Although Ryan is really hoping that she'll come on Saturday, since that would be a cool a year ago Saturday we brought home her big brother ;).

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