Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, I thought that I'd do a 38.5 post since then my next one wouldn't be so long.

We had a pretty nice weekend. VERY low key, but I won't complain about that. On Saturday I had some wonky blood pressure readings, so I tried to stay a bit low. Ryan finished putting together some of the baby stuff, like the swing. Well, he had a little help...

Sunday early morning was really bad. The itching from the rashes was uncontrollable, and the way Ellie was laying made it so I could only lay on one side. So I got VERY little sleep. On Sunday, getting ready for church, I felt out of breath and crummy. Breakfast ended up not staying down either. We got in the car to go to church and about halfway there, when I couldn't even carry on a conversation I was so out of breath just sitting, we decided that it would be a better idea just to go home. The out-of-breath feelings continued most of the day, unfortunately. So I stayed down, and Ryan finished up nursery stuff. Well, at least was more study stuff. He moved the desk into the study and cleaned out a ton of junk in the study. He looks amazing.

So without further adieu, here are some nursery pics.

The crib, bookshelf and part of her window.

The dresser, changing area, and shelving on the other side of the window.

Chair by the closet.

The most awesome big brother EVER who just cannot wait for this little sister to arrive! He hangs out in her room a lot. 

Sunday night unfortunately didn't go much better, and I ended up getting very the point where my throat is very, very swollen, even today.

This morning I had my weekly appointment for my NST. The nurse I've had the last couple times is quickly becoming one of my favorites. For some reason I get great blood pressure readings with her (122/80 about THAT???) and she is able to get me comfy for my NST. So I relayed my concerns and she hooked me up to the monitors. The doctor came in awhile later and pronounced that Ellie was doing "exceptional" on her NST. Um, yup, now I'm really sure these doctors talk about me outside the practice. Use of words like "exceptional" equals one very happy mommy! She did an internal (1cm still....grrr....and 50-60% effaced. A nice way of saying...progress = NADA.) and we talked about my concerns. Basically, she wasn't too concerned about either, thinking they were just normal 38.5 week stuff. Okay, but I'm really worried about this getting sick thing. My weight was down at this appointment AGAIN. Like, down to the point where the entire pregnancy I've gained 2.5 pounds now. It just keeps dropping, and I'm worried it is effecting E. So, I convinced her to let me see my good friend Laurie for a quick growth scan.

See her little face on the right? Yeah, it looks kinda creepy. But those CHEEKS! She was practicing sucking, which was really cute. We could see her lips going. Great news here too...she's still perfectly on schedule, and weighing in at an estimated 7 pounds 8 ounces. So basically, even though I can't keep anything down, she's fine, which is most important. So fine, in fact, that they won't give me an induction date until Thursday, when I have another appointment. I'm glad she's doing so well in there, but I am SO anxious for her to come out! I want to meet you, princess! Sigh. Until then, I'll be continuing with trying to evict her on my own, even though my tactics have been useless up until now.

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