Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A good appointment? Shocking...

I am so used to bad appointments these days, that a good one is something to write home about. So, since I actually had a good appointment, I will record it here.

I had a biophysical profile scheduled for yesterday. I love them. Not only are they an awesome check on the bean, I just love seeing her. Ryan came with to get a sneak peak too, since this will likely be one of the last times that we see her until her big arrival.

I gave Laurie a very hard time about being on vacation last week, when I had that horrendous NST that made me beg f a u/s. I told her no more vacations when I'm pregnant. She told me she could have just thrown on some scrubs over her swimsuit and popped in for me. Oh, Laurie, I like you. Don't tell me things like that. I am a special kind of crazy and would totally take you up on it.

Long story short, my BP still stinks. They don't even bother telling me what it is these days. The doctor wasn't too concerned though, even when I brought up how it had been going a little more crazy than normal. She also wasn't concerned about my blood sugar levels decreasing. So two big stresses off my plate. And it seems like they are backing off a little with the induction talk. Still not going past 39 weeks, but not as early as some would have made me believe.

E looks fantastic. Heart rate of 144 and she was snoozing away, practicing her breathing and everything. She's measuring 5 pounds, 10 ounces which is perfectly on track for my gestational age, and really impressive considering my gestational diabetes (yes, I'd like my gold star!) Fluid looked great and she got an 8/8 on her test. Ryan did get to experience her getting "buzzed" awake with the buzzer. She takes after her Daddy though...we had to "buzz" her three times before she was really "up." Looks like she likes the snooze button too.

AND...drumroll...she flipped! She's head down, and ready to go. I was really at peace with whatever needed to happen regarding delivery, but I'm definitely excited at the prospect of being able to avoid a c-section.

Not too many pics this time, but here is one cute one. She's practicing to be a point flier already...her little foot was up right next to her head.

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