Thursday, August 30, 2012

39 weeks!

I presume that unless there is some BIG change at my appointment today, this will be my last weekly update post. As of Monday's appointment, they still wanted her out before 40 weeks.

It is absolutely crazy.

It really "hit" me again on Tuesday night. And since then I've been an emotional mess.I feel so unprepared. And yet, I'm strangely comforted by the fact that I have been totally unprepared for every single "big" decision Ryan and I have made. So I keep telling myself to breathe, and that we will figure this thing out too.

How far along: 39 weeks. That in itself seems crazy to me. I mean, just a month ago, I was almost sure I wouldn't make it this far. Induction was a constant possibility. Now I'm at
How big is baby: The size of a watermelon. 20 inches and 7.25 pounds! Or, I guess with this little one, more, since she was measuring 7lbs 8oz on Monday.
What I've done to prep for baby: Really, it has just been trying to get ourselves ready, in general, to have this baby. Trying to catch up on housework, etc. that I know I won't have time to do when E gets here. I get so tired so easily, though, that it is tough to get much done these days!
Best moment of the week: Seeing E at the ultrasound on Monday was pretty darn awesome. 
Food cravings: Being sick more often has stunk. Between being sick and being this close to "done" I am so unmotivated on the food side of things. Ryan and I have decided that we are just going to stick with what stays down for me right now, and try to get as many calories in as possible, and not worry TOO much about redundancy/eating packaged foods, etc. In fact, Ryan's words earlier this week were "If you want Papa Murphy's every night from now until when you deliver, I'm really okay with that." Love that guy!
Symptoms: Yes, my lovely rash is still there, and itches horribly. And just walking from one end of the house to the other takes a mammoth effort. But other than that, I'm feeling okay. 
Movement: Yesterday was a crazy movement day for her. Which of course made me cry because I am going to miss that soooo much! 
What I’m looking forward to: Meeting this little one!!!
Next appt: I have an appointment this afternoon to check up on her and schedule an eviction date. Yikes.

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