Saturday, September 8, 2012

1 week

Dear Baby Ellie,

It is so, so hard to believe that a week ago right now we were sitting in the hospital, staring at you (with the ND game on in the background) and waiting for your first round of visitors to come meet you. Daddy and I were such saps yesterday, looking back to what was happening a week ago. And now we're out in the living room, you are relaxing in your swing (which you LOVE) and we are waiting for the boys to get up. You were a crankypants last night and didn't let anyone get much sleep, but especially not Daddy. He is so good about getting up with you and letting me get at least a little rest. He even hears your little squirms and cries before I do, which is crazy since he's always been able to sleep through anything.

You went for your first walk in the stroller yesterday, and you loved it! I think your big borther liked it too, and was happy to have all 3 of us out on a walk with him. We'll definitely be taking more walks together.

We spent a lot of time this week getting some good newborn pictures of you. You didn't make it easy! You are not one of those newborns that will just go to sleep. You were wide awake, even when we put you on the heating pad. But now we have a lot of pictures of those beautiful blue eyes, so it is worth it! Oh, and you peed all over every backdrop we have. That made us giggle (a LOT) and me really hurt my stitches.

You are eating SO much more these last few days, it is crazy! I'm hoping you are packing on those pounds and we can get you weight back up. All we do, though, is feed, feed, feed. I won't complain though, because I just get to sit and stare at you.

The last week has been the best one in mine and Daddy's lives. We still can't believe that you are actually here, and that this beautiful little girl we can't put down and spend so much time staring at is actually OURS. We love you SO much and we are so lucky to be your parents.

I love you, Ellie-bean!

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