Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Pediatrician Appointment

Okay, so here is where I start owning up to Mommy failures. When we went in to the hospital to have E, we hadn't yet picked a pediatrician. Yeah, lovely, huh? In my defense, we're still on the insurance from Ryan's old work, and in a couple weeks we are going to be on the new insurance, so it seemed kind of useless to go through. So at the hospital they assigned us a staff pediatrician. The first day, another doctor in that practice came to check out Ellie. Long story short, he left the room, and Ryan and I both looked at each other and we knew we'd found our pediatrician! He was perfect for us! The right amount of funny calming and extremely caring.

So, today was our first out-of-the hospital pediatrician appointment. The good news is that Ellie is doing great. She's officially 19.75 inches long and back up to 5 pounds 12.5 ounces (from 5 pounds 11 ounces the third day in the hospital). The weight thing freaks me out a bit since I hate seeing that she's in the 4th percentile for weight, but we'll just keep feeding her as much as possible and hope she regains that weight quickly. The doctor and nurses both were very reassuring, so I am hopeful we'll make up ground for next time.

Oh, and you know you're a princess when you get flowers and you're not even a week old! Princess Ellie got flowers from Dad's new work. Aren't they pretty?

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