Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 weeks

Dear baby Ellie,

Happy three week birthday, little bean! I still stare at you every day in disbelief that I got so lucky to have such an amazing daughter. You're getting so big, so fast, though, little one! I'm not sure I'm ready for you to grow up this fast. So everyday, I spend time just looking at you and trying to etch into my brain every one of your precious little features.

You've had a very busy week. Last Saturday we took you to your first car show. Everyone commented on how tiny you are, which I got kind of tired of hearing. After that, you went out to eat with Brad and Sondra. You slept through the whole thing. You were a hit at church too. I think you were a big distraction for a lot of people though. I understand, it is somewhat hard for me to concentrate when I could be watching you.

You are growing so fast, as seen at your doctor's appointment. Your weight is up a bit and you've gotten longer. No surprise, you're still feeding like a champ. You're also sleeping well...most of the time. I made a BIG mistake and took you out of your fleece sleep sack one night this week because I was worried you were getting too hot. You DID NOT like that, and went from giving us a 5 hour stretch of sleep to only 2-3. We were both horribly tired and cranky the next day! So, you are back in the sleep sack again. Last night you did a 6 hour stretch, just like Grandma Mason told you to!

Both sets of grandparents have been over this week, and you've been a champ cuddling with both of them. Grandma Zaher was over a couple times to drop off clothes. I need to do some work rearranging your closet, because you have quite the wardrobe now, little fashionista! And you went out to eat with Grandma Mason last night for her birthday.

We've started doing more tummy time this week too. I'm not sure how you like it (although you almost rolled over!) but your brother Truffle LOVES it. He comes over and sniffs you and tries to share his food and toys with you when you are on your blanket. He does not like to be away from you one single bit. If we take him on walks without you, he wants to come back right away. I think you're growing on him.

Right now, you are snoozing away on Daddy's chest while I got up to pump. You are so in love with your Daddy, that it is amazing. He is so good with you, and has so much patience. He didn't want to get up from the couch to put you to bed last night because you were holding and squeezing his finger. We're both just so in love with you, baby bean, and we're so lucky that we get to be your parents.

I love you Ellie-bean!

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