Saturday, February 9, 2013

23 weeks

My little Ellie-bean,

Happy 23 weeks old today, baby girl! Wasn't I just 23 weeks pregnant with you, calling your Aunt Lori, freaking out about everything? It sure seems like that was just the other day. But it sure has been awesome to be your Mommy these last 23 weeks. I can't wait for the next 23, or 230 for that matter!

This has been a crazy week! Not only did we DO a bunch, you are growing and changing like CRAZY! So, what has been up?

Well Sunday was the usual church/gym day. Uncle Jon came to church with us, so we went out to breakfast with him too! Daddy was bad and gave you a little taste of his iced tea. What was he thinking baby bean? Like you need caffeine?!? You are still not sleeping great, so I was not very happy with that!

Aunt Lori made you a special present, though...a tooth fairy pillow. I think it will be awhile until you get to use it for its intended purpose, but for now, you like to hug it and chew on its little bow. Oh, and you like to check your mouth to see if any little teeth are popping through. Nope, not yet. And I'm okay with that, little one. No growing up too fast!!!

Monday it was pretty yucky out so we stayed home and cuddled. You were a sleeping rockstar! Awesome night (only one wake up) AND awesome naps! Yay bean! We had a lot of fun stacking blocks and then knocking them down. That makes you giggle, a LOT.

Monday night, I had to go to the gym so you stayed home with Daddy. He was in heaven, because you zonked out on his chest. He loves sweet baby birdy cuddles! You can be such an awesome cuddle bug!

Tuesday was ROUGH. You were up multiple times that night, which made Daddy and I so tired! Daddy and I kind of had a melt down, we were so tired, so on Wednesday, we decided that we were going to try something new. Instead of putting you in your cosleeper, we decided to have you sleep in your pack n play, by the side of our bed. Since the cosleeper is attached to our bed, it moves slightly when we do. And it is pretty small. We pretty much decided that since your sleeping can't get too much worse, we would start there in troubleshooting this sleep thing. So, the FIRST night in your "big girl bed" the pack n play you slept...AWESOME! You went 12 hours with only waking up once to eat and get a diaper change. What? Could it be? Well you did it again the next night. Yay! We LOVE having our good little sleeper back! You just needed more space, didn't you, princess?

One other big thing this are mobile! We found this out when we put you in your pack and play and you woke up rotated 180 degrees from where I had laid you down. And, you managed to freak me out on Thursday, as I set you down, walked out of the room for 2 minutes, and you were GONE. Yup, you are rolling and scootching everywhere. See? I caught you. In this pic, I had laid you down on your back with your feet facing the keyboard, and I come back to find you like this. 

Bean, I don't think I'm read for you to be moving around like that! Neither is Truffle. He is freaked out by that! He likes being able to get away from you, but not for long.

Your night sleeping has been a LOT better, but your napping has went down the tube. In fact, Thursday I could ONLY get you to nap on me. While it was frustrating to not be able to get much done, I never get tired of the sweet baby snuggles and just staring at this gorgeous face. Look at you, bean. You are so perfect. I love you so much, and cuddling up with you is the best thing in the world.

Friday you got to spend some time with Grandma. You had lots of fun. Your 3-6 month clothes are starting to fit, which is super exciting. You still were showing f your jumping skills, laughing and jumping ALL over the place. What a cute little bean.

You spent Friday night with Daddy while I went out with some friends. You and Daddy had a great time, but I missed you terribly and hated not being able to put you to bed. That stinks. I love cuddling with you at night. In fact, I cheated and kept you in my bed when you woke up at night so that I could get my fill of snuggles. Whoops! I had to deal with an extra wake-up but it was worth it for the sleepy princess cuddles.

Today, we spent most of the day around the house. Daddy was teaching you to pet Truffle nicely, without grabbing his hair. You love sitting in the kitchen, watching Daddy and I cook. And you really love our family sing alongs, when we put on the Disney Pandora station and rock out to some Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. We have so much fun with that.

Ellie, those smiles, and that giggle of yours...they are the BEST. Really. Nothing can make me as happy as when you flash me that grin, especially when I walk in to a room. That makes me feel like such a special Mommy. You are just amazing, and still, 23 weeks after I first got to meet you, feel just thrilled that I get to spend every day with you. I love you so much, bean!

I love you,

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