Thursday, December 5, 2013

31 weeks

Time is just going SO fast! I cannot believe that it is December. Sigh.

This girl? Yeah, love her to pieces. She is so stinking funny these days. A handful, for sure, but I love her big, BIG personality.

She is having a BALL with Elfie. She looks for her every morning and gets so excited, squealing and pointing when she is spotted. Elfie even left Ellie a note on the dry erase board in the kitchen.

But the biggest hit was when Elfie hid in the wreath on Ellie's bedroom door, and Ellie spotted her as soon as I walked in the room in the morning. She was SOOOO excited!

Elfie is proving that E has some pretty fierce language comprehension skills. I can ask her "Where is Elfie" and she will go to the room that Elfie is hiding in and point. And we've had her less than a week. That blows my mind.

Ellie is loving the Thanksgiving left overs too. She has been chowing down on the leftover turkey, potatoes, and veggies. Yum!

Oh, goodness. Her dancing. Yes, she is a little dancing queen. Especially standing on one foot. She cracks me up. See? 

She has learned another animal sound too! She can tell you that a cow goes moo!

And now for a baby S update:
How far along:  31 weeks. S will be here in 57 days. Gulp.
How big is baby: The size of a bunch of asparagus. Ok, this has got to be the WORST comparison yet. Really? A bunch of asparagus? hmmm. 16.2 inches and 3.3 lbs
What I've done to prep for baby: Ooooh, more shopping...kinda. Hit up Black Friday sales to check a couple things off my list. We got a freezer and a play yard. Oh, and I got a back up diaper bag. The whole diaper bag issue has been causing me major anxiety. Which is funny, because I didn't even bother buying a diaper bag for E until she was 3 months old. Yeah, I figure with 2, and especially with 2 in cloth diapers, I need a pretty awesome diaper bag. Of course, this is where the angel on one shoulder and devil on the other comes out. The one I WANT is $$$. Sigh. Of course I don't NEED that. So, I got a simple one. I'll be stalking the other for some kind of super sale, and if I can get it, I can always return the one I just got. But at least I'll have something to use. 

AAAAAAnnnnnnd...S's Namely pillow is done! I got a pic earlier this week. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

Now I'm even more excited (and anxious) to get cracking on her room. We have made SOME progress. It is just so slow because 1. Ellie and 2. We have to move everything to entirely different spaces. So there is a LOT more drama involved. That ready to paint by the first part of December thing? No way. Hopefully painting by Christmas. Yeah. My fingers are crossed. I need to get going full force on other room projects too. Curtains, crib skirt, etc. Those were NOT fun to try to do at 34 weeks last time, and it looks like I'll be doing them even later this time. Grumble. 
Best moment of the week: Spending the weekend with the family. We had a blast getting into the Christmas spirit!
Food cravings: There is still a vast amount of cranberry stuff in my fridge. Other than that, nothing too bad. I've been keeping an eye on my numbers and they have been great. Like, crazy-great. I had a plate of thanksgiving leftover, turkey, potatoes and sweet potato puff and got a 108. Well! That would have been double that last time. So that is good news. 
Symptoms: Sleep still stinks. Add in the fact that it is the time of the year for sinus gunk and I cannot take ANYTHING between being pregnant and breastfeeding E still and I am about to rip out my own sinuses. 
Movement: She is still a wiggle worm. Bad second time mom confession here: I am so not doing kick counts. She moves all the time, so I am not too concerned. If she slowed down, I'd do an actual kick count. But no app on my phone this time. 
 What I’m looking forward to: We are getting to the end of the semester, so I am looking forward to some of that stress dissipating, and hopefully getting some more time to work on stuff to prepare for S. 
Next appt: OB appointment on the 12th. 

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