Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year in review...

So I saw this list of questions on a blog recently for expectant moms as a "year in review" template. So, why not?

1. Where were you/who were you with when you got your BFP (big fat positive)?
At home. I woke up to tend to Ellie and took a test before I went in to get her. It looked negative at first glance, and honestly, we had just started with the "whatever happens, happens" stuff, so I wasn't surprised. I got Ellie back down, popped in to look at the test, and the second line was there. So I woke Ryan up and asked him if he had plans for February.

2. What has been your greatest challenge this pregnancy?
Being a good mom to Ellie and still getting the rest I need to grow this little person. Especially in the first trimester when my thyroid was out of whack and now in the third trimester when I am huge and tired

3. What has been your greatest achievement/accomplishment this pregnancy?
Being calmer for the most part and my body working better (not dealing with GD, blood pressure issues to this point, etc.). 

4. How did you decide your lo's name? (Team green/undecided: How will you choose your name?)
I've loved the first name for awhile, but we had a really hard time picking out a middle name. Going into the anatomy scan, we had a first name picked for a girl and some ideas for a boy, but nothing concrete.

5. What is the most invaluable gift you have received? (physical or otherwise)
Hmmm...non-physical is definitely the love/support from Ryan. He is an awesome Dad and husband. Physical? Not sure. 

6. If you could choose a favorite day/week/month/season/trimester from this year, what would it be and why?
2nd Trimester was wonderful. I still felt pretty good, and with it being late summer/fall we could get out and walk a lot. Third trimester in the winter stinks. I will take being hugely pregnant in the middle of summer WAY before being hugely pregnant in winter. 

7. What has been your go-to comfy outfit this pregnancy?
It is a good day when I don't have to get out of yoga pants and a hoodie. 

8. What has been the most useless/otherwise obnoxious maternity item you've used this pregnancy?
I haven't really bought a lot of maternity stuff this pregnancy. A couple new pairs on jeans and maybe 5-ish long sleeved tops? So nothing really here...

9. What has been your favorite food/meal/guilty indulgence?
Being in the third trimester and eating however I want just feels like a guilty indulgence now! I'd say lemon ices, though. I cannot get enough of those. 

10. What food has been the worst? (flavor, aversion, bad after effects)
I haven't necessarily had aversions like I did with Ellie. Liquids on an empty stomach don't sit well with me. Chicken is hit or miss for me. Some nights it is fine and some nights it is a chore to eat.  

11. What has been the most surprising aspect of your pregnancy? (symptom, physical change, etc)
*Knocks on wood* How much less drama we've had this time. Yes, some scary stuff in the beginning with the thyroid issues and the antibody stuff, but that seems pretty minimal compared with all the stuff we had with Ellie. 

12. What do you most look forward to in 2014? (other than giving birth to a healthy lo)
Watching the girls together! I think my heart might be so full that I cannot even contain it!

Happy 2014!!!

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