Sunday, December 29, 2013

It. Got. Real.

Well, apparently something clicked in my brain, and things just got real that Miss S will be joining us pretty soon.

At least, my subconscious is trying to get me prepared. Friday night/Saturday morning I had 2 dreams about Baby S's arrival. In both dreams, I was at the hospital, getting prepped, got my epidural put in but not meds turned on, and....I decided to leave. As in, my OB was taking too long to get there so I went back to the house to pack some additional stuff. Wha? With a port in my back? No thanks. Ryan has now reassured me that once I'm at the hospital I won't be going anywhere. Ha! But, this has made me go into super-nesting mode. I now feel the need to get packing and get things lined up, etc.

In good news along these lines...the first coat of paint is on the nursery walls! Yay! It will definitely take another coat (it is WAY too see through) but I love it! And I love my husband for staying up WAY too late to get it on there, considering we had to go to a Christmas party last night and didn't finish with the moving/sanding/taping with enough time to get it done before hand.

Isn't it pretty? I love it. So on today's agenda, after church, is coat 2, and then maybe even getting the stripe done. 

Oh, and while Daddy worked on S's room, Miss E and I played with what may be the hit of Christmas...her new Water beads. These kept her busy for like a half hour. That hasn't happened with any toy in awhile. Hmmm....

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