Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

With Thanksgiving 2013 in the books, it finally feels like it is Christmastime! The snow we've gotten recently helps a lot too!

So, how are we getting ready for Christmas?

Well, first of all, we went to see Santa on Saturday. The local firestation puts on an awesome pancake breakfast with Santa. So pancakes, plus seeing her friend Braylon, plus running around entertaining everyone made for one happy Ellie!

We had to wait in line. By wait in line, I mean either Ryan or I stood in line and the other chased our little Ellie-nado all over. She loved all the other kids in line. And she was fascinated with the sparkly pink boots a girl ahead of us in line had.

When we finally got to see Santa, she was still a bit more interested in the people in line. Miss Social Butterfly. She was still talking up a storm, though. 

Our elf also came on Saturday, and brought some presents with her:

Ellie loves playing with the Little People Nativity. She knows which one is the angel, and loves pushing her down to make the music play. She will carry the stable around everywhere. BUT...no one can be in the stable. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus get thrown out with a loud "NO" if you try to put them in.

Elfie brought Truff a new toy too, so both kids were happy and entertained. 

I know Ellie doesn't really "get" the Elf thing yet, but she has SO much fun looking for the Elf. Every morning the routine is now 1. Find Truff, 2. Find Elfie. And she giggles up a storm when she finds both. That is worth it to me!

I am so excited to see what other antics Miss Elfie will be up to in order to get Miss Ellie to smile!

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