Friday, December 20, 2013

33 weeks, lots of pics, and I am a SAHM again.

Well, I am officially a stay at home Mom again! My last day of "work" was Tuesday. I gave my final, and so now I am done. Well, as soon as I get my grades in. Can't rush it here. 

I have mixed feelings about this. I guess I was a little more calm last time because I knew I'd be back. This time there are a lot more question marks. We are trying to take a "wait and see" approach to see how 2 kiddos work out for our family. There are pluses and minuses to both sides. I love being home with the kids. But I also love teaching. Anyways, I am trying not to think about it much right now.

Which...has been kind of easy because we have been BUSY. Shocking, right? So here are the updates...and a bazillion pictures. 

Ellie is amazing, as usual. She is SO MUCH fun. She blows me away every single day with how verbal she is, and how much she is learning. 

Like yesterday? She said 'craisin.' And no, she was not parroting. I had said it, and then probably 5 minutes later, she asked for more craisins. What? Her vocab is just ridiculous, I cannot even keep up with how much she learns. Of course, some of the words sound alike, which leads to a VERY frustrated little girl. How dare I try to give her a book when she wanted Belle? 

She is way into hide-and-seek, and therefore way into forts too. We have had a couple of good fort building mornings. Truff likes that too. 

Ellie and Truff are still BFFs and love to play together. Of course sometimes they are just conspiring against me, it seems. But they adore each other!

Ellie has also been a great helper in grading my finals. She just LOVES everything writing-related these days. 

Last Saturday we were up in GR for regionals. Ellie was awesome and enjoyed hanging out with Aunt Mandy. It is such a long day for her, though, poor thing! I did love however, that she would NOT sleep in her pack n play, so I got sleepy baby cuddles. 

I only teared up a couple times. Mommmy guilt is going strong now. I am so not ready to think of her as a 'big girl'. She is going to have to be my baby forever and ever!!!

She is still LOVING her sled. We've switched to that for taking Truff on walks since it is easier. Girl is a daredevil and likes to go fast. She takes after her Daddy!

And, of course when she's over at Grandma and Grandpa's, she loves to swim in the hot tub. Such a cute little fishy, and a good way to warm up from sled rides. 

We finally got around to picking out a tree last Saturday too. That was SO much fun. Both kiddos had a blast in the snow. 

Okay, that's about enough E updates and pics for now! Onto Baby S...

How far along:  33 weeks, 1 day. 42 days left until we meet Miss S!
How big is baby: The size of a pineapple. 17.2 inches and 4.5 pounds.
What I've done to prep for baby: Still working on S's room. Hoping to paint before the New Year. Oh, and I got some new nursing tanks as an early Christmas present. Nice ones. Note to self...those are worth the splurge. I have lived in $10 Wal-mart nursing tanks for 15 months now. I should have splurged on the Motherhood ones a LONG time ago. 
Best moment of the week: Curling up with E at the competition. Oh, and being able to calm down and get into the holiday spirit with the kiddos. 
Oh, one more. One of my biggest worries has been taking care of E after S gets here. I mean, with the c-section, I was worried about being able to pick her up and such. Luckily, I had an appointment with my doctor last week, and he is FINE with me picking E up as soon as I feel able to. He said a week and I should be fine. Yay! That REALLY helped me mentally.
Food cravings: I love my doctor. Really. I asked him again about the gestational diabetes stuff. His response? Well, if you have a 15lb baby, I will just get an extra nurse to scrub into your section so I can have help pulling her out. Ha! I told him I was pretty sure if I had a 15lb baby that I would rip her out myself way before 39 weeks. Anyways. Cravings. Yes. I am back to citrus-y things (Chick-fil-a diet lemonade...yum...) and minty things (peppermint bark...sigh). 
Symptoms: Ugh. Whine. Feeling totally icky these days. And I feel awful for whining about it. I was so in awe and thankful for even being pregnant when I had E that it just makes me feel crappy complaining. I try to focus on how there are goods and bads to have "been there, done that". Like even though I might be a bit more whiny, I am much calmer and less freaked out by every twinge, which has to be good for S, right? But my back hurts. Tons. S can get off my sciatic nerve ANY TIME! So sleep is not happening. 
Movement: Yup! Although she seems to be slowing down a bit. Maybe running out of room?
What I’m looking forward to: Getting S's room painted. I think I'm nesting a bit because it is starting to stress me out!
Next appt: OB appointment on the 26th. 

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