Monday, December 31, 2012


So Ellie has slept swaddled from the first week she was home. Pretty much, if she wasn't being held, she was swaddled. When I tried to not swaddle her, especially at night, she wouldn't sleep well at all. And let's be honest, I REALLY enjoyed those 5-6 hour stretches she was giving me right out of the hospital.

You're supposed to start weening off the swaddle at around 4 months. I was TERRIFIED. Have I mentioned I like my sleep? That I have a really hard time functioning without it? Yeah....I might have even asked my mother-in-law to make giant, 6th grade size swaddlers for me. I was convinced we'd be sending her to college with some.

So 2 nights ago, we ripped off the bandaid and had her sleep unswaddled. I braced for the worst. She went down at 8pm and started fussing again at 8:45. Really? 45 minute stretches? Then something amazing happened...she stopped fussing and fell back to sleep. In fact, she did that a couple times. Thumb went in mouth and she was OUT. Without us picking her up and rocking her.

In fact, we had the best night we had in some time. 8pm until 8am, with just a quick change and feed at about 3:30am. Hmmm...

Last night, same thing. Down at 7:30, eat and change at 10:30. Now it is 7:30 and she's still out.

Maybe the swaddle wasn't really that magic. Don't we feel dumb. She sleeps better now unswaddled. So we were fighting something that wasn't even there.

Gotta love babies. They keep you on your toes!

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