Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching up...47 weeks

Dear Ellie-bean,

Okay, still more to catch up on! Now we'll start Sunday the 28th, right before we left for vacation! Things were definitely getting busier! In fact, you had to go spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday since Daddy and I had lots to do with our cheer teams. Luckily, you had fun with them, and spent time playing in the water, taking walks, and eating EVERYTHING. I swear you must have a hallow leg, princess!

Monday was pretty rough, you were up from 1:30-4. Apparently you thought that was party time? Or maybe you just missed Daddy and I. Yeah, let's go with that one. Either way, Daddy finally got you to sleep by sleeping on the floor of your room with you. You did NOT want to let him go. So sweet. 

You went to see Grandma again so I could have an appointment. But, good news all around, so I think I finally might be getting close to being ready for vacation. Yay!

Tuesday I was pretty much in panic mode trying to get everything packed and ready to go. See a theme? Mommy panic. Good thing I have you to keep me grounded!

Wednesday we FINALLY left for vacation after Daddy got home from work. You had a pretty sweet set up going in the car for the 14 hour trip. Daddy downloaded Beauty and the Beast, Sophia the First, Vinko, and Tangled to my Nook and we got a little mount for it, so you could watch on the ride. 

The plan was to drive until about midnight and then stop and get a hotel and finish the drive the next day. Yeah, best laid plans...that did not work with you at all. You slept enough that by the time we decided to stop around 1am you were ready for a PARTY. So, it took another hour and a half to get you back to sleep, which means that Dad and I did NOT get to sleep like we had hoped. When you woke up, though, we ate some breakfast while Daddy snoozed a little bit longer. 

Then it was back on the road. You really were a trooper, even through the absolutely HORRIBLE traffic! It was certainly not the most fun drive for any of us, but you hung in there like a champ!

We were all glad to get to the hotel Thursday afternoon and get some swim time. You loved watching the big girls splash around in the pool and had lots of fun with Dad swimming like a little fishy!

Hotel sleeping is always fun with you. A lot of times I can't nurse you down like I normally do when we are in a hotel, so that is hard. Daddy came up with a good solution, though. He would sing to you and you would zonk in his arms. It was so sweet. My absolute favorite part of vacation was seeing you two together at moments like that. 

But, since you were so hard to get down, we had to be very careful not to wake you up! Thursday night, Daddy and I ended up eating pizza on the bathroom floor so that we wouldn't chance waking you. Now THAT is parenthood, bean. 

Friday I got to spend the morning with you, which I loved, and then you spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa. They found a splash pad by the hotel, and you had a ball in it!  You sure do love the water. 

Saturday was so busy with competition, and I hated being away from you so much for the second day in a row. You were awesome though, being such a good girl even though it was another crazy day. One thing, though, is that you would NOT take bottles to go to sleep, for the second night in a row. What is that about, baby bean? Hopefully you just miss Mommy cuddles!

That is OK by me, because I miss my Ellie cuddles when I have to be away from you. You are so sweet and so special, and I feel so blessed that I get to spend so much time with you, but it certainly makes me hate those times when other things get in the way of our time!

I love you!

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