Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catching up...48 weeks!

Dear Ellie,

Almost done catching up! Whew...I cannot get this far behind again. It takes too much brain power to remember everything that was going on!

So Sunday the 28th we moved from our hotel in Norfolk to one in Virginia Beach. I think you definitely liked the hotel in Norfolk better, as we were up n the 17th floor and you could stand at the windows and watch everything below. You loved that! We did do a little walking around the docks in Norfolk before we left, which you enjoyed.

Then, off to the beach. We didn't do too much Sunday, except go find some good ice cream places. You sure liked sharing Daddy's waffle cone and Mommy's smoothie...maybe a little too much! You are a little ice cream MONSTER! We got to walk around the boardwalk a bit too, which was fun!

Monday we headed to the beach. You had a BLAST. The waves were a bit much for you at time, but you enjoyed sitting in the sand playing with Dad. 

Like I said before, my favorite part of vacation, even more than building sandcastles and sharing ice cream, was seeing you and Daddy spend so much time together. He sang you to sleep for every single nap, even when you took a nap on the beach. Look how sweet the two of you just makes my heart about want to burst!

The beach day definitely wore you out, especially after we found some of the big girls to play with. You were zonked, little sleeping beauty!

That night Daddy and I went out to dinner and you walked around with Grandma and Grandpa and watched all the cool street performers. You loved clapping for them, an managed to stay up WAY past your bed time! Yikes! But you had a lot of fun, and that is what vacations are for, right?

Tuesday we had to pack up and get going. We found out that you are apparently part monkey, as you were hanging from the luggage carts. Silly girl!

We did find time for a couple pictures on the beach. We weren't sure you would cooperate, but you did manage to, and we got some gorgeous pictures. You are such a beautiful little princess, my love. 

We had one more stop to make: the aquarium. We had a LOT of fun. You loved watching all the fish, especially when we went in the tunnels where they were swimming overhead. Hopefully that means that you will be a diver like Mommy and Daddy!

You loved watching the jellyfish with Dad, too. 

You also really liked watching the stingrays swim around. You REALLY wanted to touch them! Or go swimming with you were leaning WAY over.

We did make some time to be silly too.'s JAWS!

After the aquarium, it was time to head for home. Luckily the traffic was much less of a pain. You did awesome on the ride home, chilling in your car seat, watching Beauty and the Beast, and enjoying a pouch or two.

We decided to drive straight through instead of stopping and getting a hotel. We ended up getting home about 5am on Wednesday morning. You zonked in your crib until 8am, and then we called Grandma and Grandpa who got home a lot earlier than us, and you went to their house to play for awhile while Daddy and I caught up on some sleep!

After we were a little more rested, we picked up Truff, and then you. You were so excited to see your fluffball. We all missed him so much. I loved hearing your happy squeals as he was trying to pull toys out of your hands!

We took it easy Wednesday, and then Thursday, it was back to normal. Daddy had to go back to work, and I attempted to get you back on a schedule. Oy. That did not work. You were a nonsleeping, clingy mess. I told Daddy that we were never going on vacation again. I enjoyed having you to myself again, but WOW, little one. You sure gave me a run for my money!

Friday was more of the same. You were pretty darn difficult. I know that getting back into the groove is hard for everyone, though. 

Saturday we switched things up a bit and decided to go blueberry picking. You had a ball. You LOVE blueberries, so you definitely ate more than we got in the bucket. Silly girl! We all left with bellies full of blueberries, and about 7lbs to take home. Not too bad, if you ask me. 

I must say, even with the difficulties of getting back into the grind, going on vacation with you was still just magical, Bean. It was so much fun spending time with you and Daddy and seeing your eyes light up as you saw and experienced all kinds of new things. I just love that. You are just so much fun, and I can't even tell you how much I love you, my princess!

I love you!

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