Saturday, August 24, 2013

51 weeks

Dear Ellie,

Just typing that, I had to blink a couple times. Gosh, I am an emotional MESS these days. I just cannot wrap my brain around the fact that in a week, you will be 1 whole year old. I just can't!

But let's not rush into that. I am sure next week I will write you the mushiest letter ever, so when you are a teenager you can read it and gag and roll your eyes. For now let's talk about week 51!

Monday was nap boot camp. I told Daddy that after a weekend of staying up late and crappy naps, we were focusing on getting you back to normal. You were up early, so I assumed you would nap early. NOPE. You did your gymnurstics where you like to flip around like a crazy woman while you nurse, and then looked up, grabbed my cheeks and giggled. Now how could I get annoyed with that? So I gave you another half hour, and then you finally went down. You are a stinker!

Then we went to the breastfeeding group. There were a lot of really little babies there, and you enjoyed being entertainment for everyone, crawling around, pulling up on everyone, and even pretending like you were patting your own little baby. In good news, you were up to 17lbs 6oz. Go baby bean!

We went on a couple other errands and then headed home to get that afternoon nap in. Same deal as before. Ellie-2 Mommy-1. But on attempt number 2, you did actually nap. Phew! I was getting worried I'd have a crabby princess to deal with all night!

Tuesday was my first day "back to work." I wasn't teaching but I had department meetings, so you headed over to Grandma's. But you sure made my back-to-work day memorable! While I was getting ready, you were in the living room, playing. Or so I thought. Actually, you managed to toddle over to a nearby window where there was a fly trap filled with apple cider vinegar. You then proceeded to dump the vinegar in a cardboard box. Which, I didn't notice until Truffle started rolling in it, after it had seeped through the cardboard. Sigh. Bean. What am I going to do with you?

You had a very good time with Grandma, though, and even went out to eat. You played lots in the water table. You love that!

Wednesday was Daddy's birthday! We tried to take some pictures for him, but you weren't too cooperative.

Oh well! It is crazy, I remember telling you last year that you had to stay put until Daddy's birthday, and you listened! Guess that is the once you'll listen to me.

That afternoon you went to see Grandma again while I had another appointment. As usual, you had fun, although you not having an afternoon nap made for an interesting night at the gym that night. You were pretty fussy until Mr. Jack walked in. You and your older men! Huh...then you were all smiles!

Thursday we were both glad that we got to stay home, I think. I missed you way too much the last couple days, my love. And you just melted my heart, you were such a snuggle bug. I would be on the floor playing with you, and you would just climb right into my lap and snuggle in tight to watch your sing a long songs DVD. I love your sweet cuddles. Nothing is better!

Well, okay, one thing might be better...Friday you took GREAT naps and woke up like this:

Yes! That is my girl! I just love your goofiness, and that smile! You were so playful all day. One of your new favorite things is look through different objects. You find the silliest things to look through and use as 'toys.'

We did run a couple errands with Daddy that night to get stuff for your party. I have NEVER seen Daddy have so much fun in craft stores! You two were looking at everything, and he was finding all sorts of things to tickle you with. You were giggling your behind off, and he was loving every second of it. You two are so precious to watch together. Oh, and you were playing the "dump you over the shoulder" game which you find hysterical, but I think set off the pacemakers for some of the little old ladies in Hobby Lobby. The best moment of the night, though, was Daddy strapping you in your car seat (which usually you HATE) and you reaching up, grabbing his cheeks, and just giggling. I know he just melted and I did too. You are such a sweet girl!

That brings us to today. We stayed around the house today and got stuff done for your party. You were trying really hard to help Daddy, because apparently the ladder is the coolest thing you have ever seen. Hmmm...looks like trouble to me!

We also found out tonight that you are a BIG fan of lasagna. You weren't crazy about spaghetti, but I think the cheese in here made you a much bigger fan! You are so silly with food. You will pretty much eat anything, except for strawberries and watermelon. I don't understand that, little one! That is some good stuff that you are missing out on! But regardless, you eat a LOT!!! For such a little bean, you can pack it away. 

Like I said, I've been an emotional mess this week, but that also means that I am taking extra time to rock you and snuggle you, and try to memorize every little thing about you. You are so amazing, and I love every last bit of you so much, that I just don't want to forget a thing about when you were this tiny. I feel like I've forgotten so much of newborn-Ellie already that I just don't want t forget any 1-year-old-Ellie. I'm so grateful that I get to be your Mommy and I hope you know how incredibly loved you are, little one. 

I love you, 

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