Sunday, August 18, 2013

The big 5-0

Dear Miss Ellorie,

You were the big 5-0 yesterday...weeks, that is! That means you are getting SOOOO close to a year. And no, I am not doing well with this AT ALL. I mean, I am in full fledged party planning mode and all, so I KNOW it is coming up, but I am not the least bit ready for you to be an entire year old. I just *might* have teared up this week ordering your birthday present, and I just *might* have teared up again today when you got your very first birthday card. Even though it was just from Toys R Us, it still made me all misty. You better just get used to your Mommy being a sap, little one, you will be dealing with it for a long time. Where did these 50 weeks go???

While I can't answer that, I do know where this week went! Monday we were out and about running some errands. We went to Target and then ran to the berry farm to get a box of frozen blueberries. I don't think we will be able to pick any more good ones, but since we all love them so much we decided to 'cheat' and buy them pre-packaged. You did pretty well on the errands, although I did have to bribe you with my keys and then my credit card to make you stay quiet in Target!

Tuesday we had to run more errands. We got your birthday invites (yay!) and had to stop by Grandma and Grandpa's house to pick up a couple things too. You had a very good time showing them how you get into anything and everything these days. Ha! Like I didn't know THAT!

Speaking of getting into things, we baby-proofed pretty much the entire living room so you can wander. You are Miss Independent and just love getting into everything. 

That evening I was not feeling too good, so you got to have a little date night with your Daddy. You were awesome with him, as usual. And he loved the singing you do in the car. It is one of my favorites too!

Wednesday we did some more errands. Can you tell the party is coming up? I feel like we are running all over in a million different directions! But at least I am getting things together. I really want this to be the most special party ever for the most special little girl ever! You are 'helping' me too. Like that roll of tulle I bought? I meant it to be decorations, but it kept you entertained for a good 20 minutes, so we'll go with that...

You're also learning SO much right now! I can ask you "where is Ellie's nose?" and you will point to your nose, smart, girl! Oh, and wait for me to make HONK HONK noises, and then giggle like a maniac. You, giggle? Nooooo....

You're also up to 5 words now. Mama, Daddy, Da (dog), Hi, and Bye-bye. I love that you are getting more vocal. I think...

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, so you went to stay with Grandma for a bit. I think they have created a monster. They let you UN-decorate the fan, since they are going to be changing the decorations. You know, turn it on at warp speed until the garland flies off, and then lift you up to touch it. Mark my words figure stuff like that out QUICKLY and you will remember that, and expect to do it all the time. I know this because you are the same little girl who spit out all her carrots tonight at dinner because they were not sweet potatoes and you wanted sweet potatoes. Sigh.

In other big news of the week, I finally let you have a blankey in your crib this week. And, of course, you love it, and I feel slightly guilty for not letting you have one earlier. I guess if that is the extent of my Mommy guilt, I am doing okay, right? But seriously, look how happy you are to be all cuddled up with it. You melt my heart.  

Friday we went to Michigan City with Grandma in her new car. It survived the first road trip, and I think you like it. You definitely liked the shopping too, although you were a stinker and did not want to nap. You were in a pretty good mood, so it was hard to complain, but COME ON princess...take those naps! You need them, AND Mommy needs them! 

Friday night we went out for ice cream with Dad. The weather has been so nice it is hard to turn down the opportunity. You loved sitting on my lap, sharing the ice cream, and would give me a big, ice creamy kiss after every bite. Snuggles and kisses? I'll let you have a little more sugar for that!

Saturday we went grocery shopping, then spent the rest of the day around here, until after dinner when the 4 of us went to the park for a walk. Your brother LOVED it, and you loved the swing, as usual. It was pretty crowded so you got to watch and talk to lots of little kids, which you enjoy. 

Sunday we paid for keeping you up late the last couple slept in so late that we were rushing around to get to church. You didn't make it to long in church, you definitely wanted to be on the go. Luckily you and Daddy had fun in the hallway. When we got home you napped and Daddy grilled us up some yummy steaks! After your nap, it was play time. 

You liked play time a LITTLE too much. We could NOT get you to take a second nap. I tried feeding and rocking you, Daddy tried singing to dice. So we gave up and took you and Truff to the Riverfront for a walk and then ice cream after. I'm definitely hoping that getting you back on a somewhat normal schedule tomorrow helps. I am NOT ready for you to drop a nap, bean. Not now! I have WAY too much going on...and you are a crappy mess. Embrace the nap! Viva la NAP!

Oh, and one other big thing took a step! I'm not really 'counting' it, as you were heavily bribed with sweet potato, and it was only one step after you let go of the chair, but hey, it is a start!

So, while I am hoping that tomorrow gets us back to normal, I am also not-so-secretly glad that I get you back all to myself. I just have so much fun with you. Seeing you learn and enjoy everything around you is just so amazing to me. I can remember just staring at you in complete awe 50 weeks ago, and I am still catching myself doing that all the time. So while so much has changed in 50 weeks, going from a newborn to this curious, social, funny little girl, there is still so much that hasn't changed at all. 

I love you, my Baby Bean!

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