Friday, May 9, 2014

14 weeks!

Dear Scarlett,

Can you believe it? 14 weeks already? I was thinking the other day how time just seems to be flying by. In just a couple more months you'll be starting on solids. That seems crazy to me. Where did my little baby go?

Well we had another great week. Saturday started off with family cuddle time in bed, which is amazing. I could spend all day cuddling with you guys. Luckily, though, your sister would have nothing to do with sitting still that long. Good thing, or else I'd get NOTHING done!

Sunday was extra busy, as I had to spend extra time at the gym. Daddy does awesome with you two girlies, though. I will say, you are getting more like your sister in that you are not a fan of taking a bottle. I can't say I mind. I love the sweet snuggles I get when you are nursing!

By Monday the weather was getting nicer and nicer, so we enjoyed time outside walking and running. I have the two cutest running buddies ever! You guys both like being outside so much (well, okay, Ellie doesn't like being strapped in the stroller...but...) and it is super good for us all to get some fresh air. 

Tuesday we dropped Ellie off at Grandma's and had our own little Saint Mary's for a retirement party. You were quite the hit! You got passed around to all the staff and gave everyone snuggles. I didn't think Dorothy was even going to give you back. They all remarked on how alert you are and how you love to be looking around. 

Speaking of being alert, that hand-eye coordinating is getting better. You are grabbing onto your toys hanging from your playmat, and you've started to grab your O-ball. Of course the toy wars are now starting as Ellie automatically wants whatever you have 2 seconds after you grab it. Sigh.

Wednesday was spent around home and getting things ready for a crazy weekend. All our weekends really seem to be nuts. I'm sure as you and Ellie get to be bigger this will only get worse. 

You know what isn't getting worse? Sleep! You're still the best sleeper ever. Naps have gotten a bit shorter (you are falling into a 2-3hr cycle of eat-sleep-play, which means I now rarely get a nap over 1h) BUT night sleep is magnificent. Still easily 10-12 hours a night. You are getting increasingly good at busting out of your swaddle, though. Look at that hand, my little Scarlett Stinkerpants!

Thursday it was GORGEOUS out, so we hit the zoo. Zoo trip 2 was a success. Even though it was pretty toasty, you did great, and slept through most of it.Your sister loved seeing all the animals. The turtle was a new favorite for her, and the otters were playing in the water right in front of us, which was really cool!

Of course we enjoy our walks too. Every night we are taking our family stroll around the neighborhood. Funny enough, though, this is about all we have time for between dinner and bed. It usually takes an hour by the time we find people to talk and play with (your sister loves it when Craig is out!) and going to see the animals (especially Virginia the pig!) and of course Ellie 'walking'...which really means her running into every yard and picking up every rock she can find. But, it is so nice to spend time with you all!

That brings us to today. We had errands to run this morning to get ready for a busy weekend and now we are home and I am TRYING to get some naps out of you two. It definitely isn't always easy to be the Mommy of you two, but I have to say, I love it. I love your little coos and how you talk with such big expressions on your face like I should understand exactly what you are saying. And I love seeing your face light up when you see me. Or Ellie. Or Daddy. Or Truff. I love that you are starting to belly laugh when I tickle your neck. I love how you kick your legs like you are swimming in the Olympics CONSTANTLY these days. I just love you, my little Scarlett, and I am so happy to have you as part of our family.

I love you, Squish!

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