Friday, May 16, 2014

15 weeks

Dear Baby Scarlett,

Happy 15 weeks old, cutie pie! An what a week it was. We were certainly on the go!

We will start with Saturday. I had to go to Grand Rapids and Daddy had to go to Michigan City, so you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. You hung out and went for walks and kept Grandma and Grandpa's hands very full trying to cater to both of you little munchkins. I had a whole lot of people in Grand Rapids who were VERY upset they didn't get to meet you too. But, I think you had a lot of fun.

I was soooo happy to get home and see you and your sister. Even though getting you guys home, fed an to bed by myself got a little hairy (considering patience isn't a strong suit for either of you!) I was glad to be back with my girls. 

Sunday was Mother's Day. Of course I already have the best Mother's Day presents and Ellie! But I loved the picture frame that you guys got me. We did church, then brunch with Grandma and Grandpa, then naps before hitting the gym. 

The gym was...interesting. Luckily you were too young to partake in most of the craziness, but your Aunt Janel send Urban Swirl to the gym. All the kiddos were ice-creamed up, an of course your sister was RIGHT in the middle, eating ALL THE SWEETS.

She was SUGARED UP between that and dessert at brunch. 

Which, of course led to a very fun morning on Monday morning...

Sugar coma, party of 1? Yeah, you should probably learn from your sister on this one! Luckily you were smiley an ready to go!

We headed out with Lori to visit Nana, who was in the hospital. You girls did an awesome job of putting a smile on her face. You gave her sweet cuddles and coos and your sister was the entertinment, showing off all her animal sounds. 

 On Tuesday we had to run some errands. We went to both Micheals an Target. Even though you are getting more alert an awake, you still are awfully easy to tote around. It is funny for me to think about how hard I thought it was to take Ellie around when she was your age. Then again, I've heard it said that however many children you have, minus 1, seems easy. I am getting better at managing both of you, though.

Wednesday was another dreary day and another visit to Nana. Luckily, she is feeling better and we were there when she got the news that she will be getting out of there today. Yay Nana!

Thursday it was COLD.  We like warm days where we can play outside, not cold ones! We did bundle up and take a walk though.

We also headed to the breastfeeding coalition meeting. You were certainly a little fussier, but you did fall asleep on me, which was super sweet. AND, we got you weighed...13lbs 8oz! I am so glad that you are gaining so well, even with your propensity to sleep all the time. That just means I can enjoy these Squishy cuddles without having to interrupt you!

Speaking of Squish, your sister has started calling you that. She can't quite get out Scarlett, but she's great at "Squish" or "Squishy". She's still being an awesome big sister and giving you lot of love and kisses. Well, that is when she's not shouting at you to "WAKE UP" when you are snoozing in your swing. Or trying to pick you up (yup, we had that for the first time this week). Or, saying those 3 words that make my blood run cold when I am not in eyesight..."BAYBEE, watch me!" She loves you lots, but she can sure be a stinker!

Speaking of being a stinker, you are getting to be one too, at least during bath time. You LOVE it, but kick so much that the entire bathroom and everyone in it ends up drenched. These smiles are worth it though, Smoosh!

Then today, we started out the day bright and early with some time at Grandma's while I went to work out. We came home for naps and then went out with Grandma and Grandpa Mason for dinner. You were so good and gave lots of coos and belly laughs for them too, even when it was way past bedtime.

So, we survived another crazy week. Regardless of how crazy our schedules get, I love having two little reminders that I need to slow down and cherish all the little things. I know you will get SO big and independent, just like your sister, in the blink of an eye, so I am loving the extra time that we spend curled up before I put you to bed and watching you grow an learn at what seems like the speed of light. I am SO, SO glad I get to be your Mommy and I love you so much!

I love you,

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