Friday, May 2, 2014

13 weeks

Dear Little Smoosh,

You are lucky 13 weeks...or should I say we've been lucky to have you for 13 weeks? I think the latter is more like it!

We had another busy week. On Saturday you went to breakfast with Daddy and Ellie (see the other post about this...) and you got to dress up like the pretty little princess you are! I think you had fun, but you sure zonked when I got home. It was nice, though, so we got in some good walks. It is so nice that the weather is warmer and we're able to do that!

Sunday was the usual routine of church then home, then gym. You were awesome in church again and slept cuddled up to Daddy the entire time. You're such a good little Squish. He loves that cuddle time with you too. He has a giant smile on his face the entire time!

Monday we went to dinner at Hacienda. You wanted to be up checking everything out. You had a bit of an 'incident' too which led to Daddy trying to clean you up in the bathroom. But on the way home you zonked out. I love this sleepy little face.

Speaking of sleep, there have been a couple nights recently where you haven't quite been sleeping as well as normal. To be honest, Smoosh, you have spoiled me big time. You are such a super sleeper! I shouldn't be complaining when you *only* sleep 7 hours, right? But when I was getting 12 hours last week...

See? Spoiled Mommy. The positive, though, is night feedings mean extra cuddles. And I do like that! I honestly kind of miss those middle of the night times I had with your sister. But again, I like sleep too. So I'll just keep seeing the positive in either, okay baby girl?

Tuesday we ended up walking around the mall with Grandma, then headed home for naps. You've been getting so much better at your tummy time these days! You love to talk during tummy time, which I love. See? You're still not really into trying to roll over or anything, though. You definitely let me know when you are done by giving me these kind of "teenager looks".

Your sister likes to keep you entertained during tummy time. We will sing songs together, and sometimes she will point out body parts. We did have a bit of a tummy time incident. Your sister fed you a bunny cookie. I love that she's trying to share, but of course, no cookies for you yet. Looks like I have to keep an eye on her.

You are also strong enough now to use your Bumbo, so you've been sitting in there for a couple minutes each day. Of course, this comes with its own challenges. Namely a big sis who is still teeny tiny and can fit in the bumbo too. Yeah, those Moms that complain about babies outgrowing it at like 4 months? Nope, not me. Anyway, we've had to deal with some issues with that, but for the most part things are going well. 

Wednesday night we were at the gym like usual. You have fun just taking in all the craziness. We are are lucky that you don't get overstimulated easily! 

Most of Thursday and Friday were spent at home. Which is a-ok by me. I love time with my girls! 

I must say, you being more aware of your surroundings is pretty darn fun. You are Truff are getting to be best buds. He loves to sit by you when you are on your play mat. You love to touch his fur, and you let out belly laughs when he sniffs you and all that fur touches your face. I think "Fuffle" likes you a little better than your sister these days, as you are much less mobile! 

Of course, after Ellie goes to bed then you both want Dad's attention. I understand. Dad is pretty awesome!

You are so goofy these days too. That talking and giggles...I love it. The other day you were giggling up a storm every time Dad would say "orange". Go figure! Such a funny Smooshers!

You know what else you love? Baths. You are SO into kicking your legs in the water. You get so excited at bath time. Your little shrieks are adorable. And you are now getting the entire bathroom wet from all your splashing. Love it!

It is crazy to think that you are 3 months old already. And while I can't wrap my brain around time going so fast, I do have to say that I am  just so incredibly excited to be your Mommy. You are one amazing little girl, and I am so lucky that I get to be the one to spend all day with you and your silly sister. 

I love you, 

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