Monday, July 9, 2012

Chubby cheeks!

We got to see our little princess again today. What a nice thing, considering it had been SO long since we got a peek at her. This was for sure the most entertaining ultrasound yet. She is SUCH a ham. Not only was she a wiggle worm, like normal, she stuck her tongue out and was practicing breathing. It was SO cool to see her little lungs pump away. 

Everything looked absolutely perfect. She got an 8/8 on her biophysical profile, indicating she's in great shape in there. Heart rate was 173 (still fast, Mommy was nervous!) and she's measuring a week ahead.

The pics don't do this little girl justice. She has the chubbiest little cheeks already. I absolutely cannot wait to cover those adorable little cheeks in all kinds of kisses. 

We did get to talk to the doctor for the first time since my gestational diabetes diagnosis. I feel like we have a really good plan. From here on out, I'll be doing weekly non-stress tests to make sure E is doing well in there. I'll have biophysical profile every 3 weeks from here on out to check on her also. And then I won't be going past 39 weeks, due to the complications that can arise at the end of the pregnancy.

But now the big shocker...Baby E is breech! I'm hoping she turns, and realize that there is still a lot of time, but I feel like SUCH a newbie now. All the hiccups I felt were so close to my pelvic bone, that I was sure she was head down. I guess not. Obviously, if she stays breech, that makes some of the labor and delivery options easy. I'm trying to think of the positives for either scenario...but of course the biggest positive whichever way she comes out is being able to cuddle and love on her. 

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