Thursday, July 5, 2012

31 Weeks!

Well, when we last left off, I was on my way to the endocrinologist after I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. That appointment went well, and he potentially found some thyroid issues that I have suspected all along (please note, I feel VERY vindicated by this!). As far as the diabetes, no major complications, and I now have a lovely monitor so that I can test my blood sugar four times a day to make sure it is in control.

Friday I also met with a nutritionist to lay out a plan to try to control this via diet. I'm extremely committed to doing everything I possibly can diet-wise to hopefully prevent going on insulin. Anyways, not a lot of new information in the meeting, as I already know how to read food labels, but she did give me a plan for how many carbs at each meal. It didn't sound too bad at all, honestly. What drives me nuts about this whole thing, though, is that so much of it is experimentation. I'd love for someone to just give me a full plan of exactly what I can eat to make my numbers go where they should. Unfortunately, the body just doesn't work like that. For example, last Saturday I had a meal that fit into the plan perfectly, and included a banana. Yeah, no more bananas for me. That spiked my sugar like crazy, even though I was still well within my carb range. So it is just a lot of playing around and learning.

What I have learned, is that I can't even go near the carbs the nutritionist wanted me to eat. Like the 30g of carbs for breakfast? No way...10 max. And I have to walk after every meal, or my numbers will be over, regardless. All very interesting information, and this has certainly helped me to become a million times healthier. Got to go with the positive!

I have an OB appointment on Monday, so I am looking forward to hearing about the OB side of things. I have a ton of questions about how they handle GD patients, ie. what monitoring will we be doing, extra testing, possible induction, etc.

Okay, on to the fun stuff:

How far along: 31 weeks, only 63 more days to go. Crazy!
How big is baby: I've got a pineapple in there! 16.2 inches and about 3.3 pounds.
What I've done to prep for baby: Being off for the holiday, we actually spent a lot of time in Baby E's room yesterday. We're still in clean-out mode. I'm hoping to have it all cleaned out mid-next week, and then after the chaos of Nationals, we can really go to it. I really want to have it done by the 28th, since that is my first shower, and I think I'll want somewhere to store stuff at that point. The good news about the clean out is that our taxes are going to ROCK this year. With as much crap as we're donating to Goodwill, we'll have one heck of a write off!
Best moment of the week: This is a hard one! I had an awesome time with Ryan and Truff at the lake yesterday. We got new floating chairs and Truff was floating on Ryan's lap.
Food cravings: Cravings definitely don't "matter" anymore, but I feel like this is just one more way I have been prepared by going through so much to get here with this little one. It is pretty easy to have some amazing willpower when all that matters to you is keeping this little one safe. Ryan has been instructed that I will be needing Mexican coke for immediately after delivery! One diet change this week though, is that I've started drinking more Crystal light. I wasn't really drinking any, in order to avoid artificial sweeteners, but I figured out that I can tolerate protein better (both chicken and eggs had been making me sick!) if I have some with meals, so I have been drinking that. It is a fair trade off, I suppose. 
Symptoms: Been a little more crampy the last couple days. That usually means a growth spurt for Baby E. Not sure how much further out this tummy can go!
Movement: It still freaks me out a bit to see her little rump sticking out to one side. I made Ryan feel it the other day, and I think he was weirded out too. She's back to wedging a little foot in my rips, and yesterday as I was trying to coax her out, I could actually feel her little leg. 
What I’m looking forward to: Monday's OB appointment. I can't wait to see her again, I feel like it has been forever!!! And then, officially making it to 32 weeks. I feel like that is a big milestone. 
Next appt: Monday! 4 days! Yay!

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