Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nursery started and my jumping bean...

Okay, so I have to say, E has been SO much fun the past two days. Yes, the nerve pain is driving me insane but it is like overnight I have an active little person in there. For awhile now, she's been kicking back when I will poke her...well at least sometimes. But last night, I was sitting on the floor and Truff was in my lap. All of a sudden he barked, and she immediately just jumped! That was SO cool. And then, this morning at church, we were singing a soft song, when all of a sudden it got loud (drums, etc.) and she jumped again. These kinds of things make it so much more real when she actually interacts with the outside world a bit. You always read that they can hear things like that, but what a cool experience.

We also started painting the nursery today! Truff was not so sure about that. This is all making him very nervous. He's going to need some puppy therapy for sure.

The good news is we got almost everything cut in, so now it should go pretty fast. I'm hoping to have the main color done tomorrow night. And yes, I teared up a couple times while painting today. I still can't believe that I am helping to paint a nursery for OUR little one. 

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