Monday, July 16, 2012

So spoiled!

So today was my weekly appointment at the doctors' for my non-stress test. I had read up on them, but not had one, so I was familiar with how they worked. Basically you are hooked up to monitors and they watch the baby's heart rate and how it accelerates with movement to determine the well-being of the baby.

I was ready for mine today, so it was kind of a surprise when the nurse asked me if I knew where the ultrasound room is. Why yes, I am well acquainted with that. Laurie gets in there and tells me that the doctor I am seeing (my normal one) prefers to just do biophysical profiles rather than NSTs. So I got another peek at E. She is as cute as ever, cheeks are as chubby as ever, and she's doing great. It is estimated that she weighs 4 pounds 10 ounces already and she had a much better heart rate today of 137. BUT, it turns out, she was sleepy. So they had to wake her up by putting this buzzer to my belly. Um yeah, that did NOT make this little princess very happy.

I did decide with the doctor that I should go on a low dose of blood pressure meds just as a preventative. So that will mean for sure no going over 39 weeks for me, and weekly monitoring for a couple weeks, with biweekly monitoring coming up in my future too. He, for some reason (did he forget me?) thought I would be adverse to this. Nope, I reminded him that my full time job at this point is this little one, and that I love the extra monitoring.

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