Saturday, March 15, 2014

6 weeks

Dear Sweet Baby Scarlett,

You are 6 whole weeks old today, baby Smoosh!Daddy and I were just talking tonight about how it doesn't seem real that you've ONLY been with us 42 days. We just love having you as part of our little family. 

So, what's up this week? Well, we had a very busy weekend! On Saturday your Aunt Mandy came down to see you. She just adored you and was so excited to get all the sweet Scarlett snuggles!

You are way more aware of things these days, but you still give awesome snuggles. You like yelling at the birdies in your swing and bouncer, just like your sister did. You can't quite figure those pesky birdies out...

You are also a little fussier at nights. You are hitting that 6 week growth spurt, I think. Because you want to nurse ALL THE TIME at night. You are stuck to me from about 5-8pm. I must say, I don't really mind. I need my baby cuddles.

Sunday was a crazy day. Daddy left early to go ride in a bike race, so I braved church with the two of you, alone. We were a bit late, but you awesome with me in the service and Ellie had fun in her class. But, then your sister is SO independent that she wanted to walk to the car on her own, and threw a tantrum when I tried to carry her. So I got to through the church parking lot with you in your car set, 2 diaper bags, and your sister upside down, screaming and trying to throw herself out of my arms. Oy. I love you two more than life itself but you little ladies can be a challenge. When I had to go to the gym, I dropped you off ant Grandma and Grandpa's house. Dad picked you guys up later and you spent the evening with him, as usual.

Monday was our much-needed girls day in. You snoozed away in your swing while your sister and I played. You do like watching her play sometimes. I can't wait until you two can play together. I hope that you guys grow to enjoy that!

We also enjoyed the fact that the weather was MUCH nicer and took THREE walks. Being cooped up has been hard on us all, little Smoosh. You did great in the stroller in your bunny suit, and Ellie loved sitting next to you, saying "Babyyyyyy" and reaching up to pat your leg. She even knows now that when I put you in your bunny suit it is time to get in her snowsuit, so she will grab it, put it on the floor, and lay on top of it. She wants to make sure we don't forget about her either. I couldn't forget about either of my girls, though!

Tuesday we hit the mall with Grandma to walk around. You were a good girl, but you would NOT fall asleep! Your little eyes were going like CRAZY, taking everything in! In that way you do remind me of your sister. She was nosey at that age too. We had to block some of the stimulation from you to be able to get you to zonk for a little while. 

Wednesday was a pajama day with my girls! The weather was bad (AGAIN...ARG!) so we stayed in and snuggled and played. Your sister was all about entertaining you during tummy time. I love seeing the two of you interact. You guys play so well together, most of the time!

Ellie definitely has some interesting ideas as to how to play with you though, Smoosh. I think you're going to have to toughen up a bit to survive a big sister who wants to pump out your brains!

Thursday was another morning with my girlies at home. Our routine got thrown off a little bit in the morning, and that made your sister a crab, so I spent a lot of the day dealing with her. You were very good and chilled in your swing, just watching and taking in everything. In the afternoon, I had to go get a blood draw done, and so you and your sister went with me. Everyone at the clinic was excited to play with both of you. I think I had about 10 people in my little blood draw room, rocking you in your carseat and playing with Ellie. You guys sure do enchant pretty much everyone anywhere you go!

Then we headed to Target for groceries. That didn't go as well. Ellie was back to being a crab, so we only grabbed the bare essentials and then high-tailed it out of there. 

Friday was a big day...Daddy and I had our first date night since you came. You went over to Grandma and Grandpa's while I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon. Grandma liked the visit from the two little penguins!

Then, after the appointment, Daddy and I went out for dinner as an early birthday celebration. I enjoyed the sashimi that I've spent 10 months without, thanks to you! We also had some turtle cheesecake at the Chocolate cafe. Yum! You guys did great with Grandma and Grandpa, although Grandma got to see a little of your 5-8pm fussiness. Still, with you sleeping 8-10 hour stretches at night (yes...10 this week. You brke your own little perfect record!) I can't complain.

Smoosh, you came into one crazy family, that is for sure, but we couldn't be happier to have you here. I love that you are more alert and inquisitive, while still having a personality emerging that is distinctively YOU. I enjoy every single sweet cuddle you give me, and cannot stop kissing on that full head of hair. I love you to pieces, little squishy girl, and I am so lucky to be your Mommy.

I love you, Scarlett,

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