Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Weeks

Dear Smooshy Scarlett,

You are 7 weeks old, princess! And what a fun week it was!

On Saturday, we headed out for some errands. Mostly, we are trying to be way more organized with cooking, so we did a mega-grocery run. You were awesome, as usual, and slept through most of that, and then were still out when we got home and prepped everything.

Later that night, we all curled up on the couch and had family movie night, watching The Little Mermaid. No surprise, you snoozed on Daddy's chest. That is your favorite place to be, I think. Snoozing on Daddy's chest or...ahem...attached to my chest!

Sunday we went to church and then headed back home, as usual. You were a doll again, and cuddled with Daddy for the entire service. I am still having lots of fun dressing you and your sister up. I fully expect you two to have some massive therapy bills later, but you princesses look so darn cute! I was so sad when I had to leave to go to the gym, but you had an awesome time with Daddy and Ellie.

Monday was St. Patrick's Day! I already posted about that and all the fun we had. I cannot wait until you can enjoy more of the things that Ellie and I do. You are really starting to watch her and such, though. 

Tuesday was another least at our house. Frozen Day! Your sister has been waiting for that to come out on DVD for awhile now, so of COURSE we had to trek to the mall to pick up our copy. I am sure you will be singing it like Ellie before long, and requesting "Go!" when we get in the car, and telling me "Gin, Gin" (again) when the songs end.

So, of course, then it was another family movie night. We all enjoyed it. You slept on Daddy (see the theme) and we all cuddled on the couch. It was a great movie, except the first 15 minutes when your Daddy and I were a blubbering mess. When you are the Mommy and Daddy to two little princesses, that should come with a warning! I am pretty sure your sister thought I had lost it when I very sternly turned to her and told her that she is to ALWAYS build the snowman. ALWAYS. 

Wednesday was my birthday! Yay! Of course it was the best because I got to spend it with my girls! I just love spending time with you two. Even the little mundane stuff is so much fun! Daddy made me a yummy breakfast and gave me the most gorgeous new necklace with E and S on it. You and your sister hid a card for me on her changing table, which was really sweet too. We enjoyed lots of cuddles and for the most part, you guys were on your best behavior. 

Thursday we had a little date together to go speak at the St. Joe Breastfeeding Coalition. It went really well and I was able to pass along some of the things that helped us all be so successful breastfeeding and help to plan what can be done to support other mommies and their babies. Oh, and I got you weighed. Are you ready for this, smoosh? You are up to 10 lbs 9 oz! Guess I don't have to be worried about waking you up to eat, Miss Sleepypants. You are doing GREAT gaining weight.

Speaking of gaining weight and such, I took a pic of you on Thursday that I just had to compare to your sister. I so often think that you two look completely different, but in reality, your faces are almost identical. It will be so interesting to see how you grow and develop!

Friday the weather FINALLY started warming up, so we were able to take some good walks. You loved walking around the neighborhood, except when the sun would get in your eyes. Your sister loved it too, and walked the entire way down to the cul-de-sac on her own. I was happy that the nice fresh air wore you guys out and I cannot wait to be able to be outside more with you two. I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of outside time this summer!

So what else are you up to? Well you are still a super sleeper, usually giving us at least a 7 hour stretch at night. That is much appreciated, Smoosh! You love looking at lights. And you still love being a million degrees and being all smooshed up in a little ball. You are a big fan of being swaddled, so we are typically swaddling you for naps too these days. And those are responding to Daddy and I by smiling and cooing now. That really is the best thing ever. You especially talk up a storm to Daddy when he gets you ready for bed and then bring you into me. He often comes to bed with eyes a little misty from your adorableness!

One things that you are doing that just crack me up is what I like to call your "Willy Wonka face". I promise, when you get sleepy but are fighting it, your eyes roll and you give this face, just like Willy Wonka. Between that and your sister trying to turn herself into a blueberry a la Violet Beauregard, I sometimes feel like I am in the movie!

Smoosh, you are such a doll and just so perfect for our little family. I love watching you discover all the new things around you. And of course, I just LOVE cuddling with you. You are such a sweet girl, and I am so lucky to be your Mommy!

I love you,

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