Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Mason crew!

We had an awesome, but busy day. In typical fashion, I tried to make it a really fun day for the girls. Well, at least for Ellie. For Scarlett, a fun day is still eat, sleep, poop.

When Ellie got up, I went to greet her with a light up necklace on. She loved anything that lights up/glows! So she was very excited! Then our leprechaun, Lucy, had made breaskfast! Green shamrock pancakes and green milk for everyone!

Ellie was not so sure about the green milk. She definitely gave it the side-eye before she drank it!

Then we had some sweet cuddle time, all three of us. Ellie and Scarlett are really starting to interact now. It just melts my heart to see Scarlett smile at her big sister! She is going to just adore her, I know it!

Grandma dropped by for a bit, so the girls were entertained. Then it was lunch and nap. While Ellie was napping I got to snuggle with my littlest leprechaun! She is starting to smile and interact so much more. She gets smiley when I talk to her pretty often now, and I just love it. Sometimes she will start cooing too. 

Ellie was a little bit of a mess (darn chompers bothering my girl!) but enjoyed some lucky charms after her nap and watched a little Curious George while I fed Scarlett. 

Then, it was erupting shamrocks time! Baking soda and vinegar can keep even my crab happy for a half hour. She loved to use the squirt bottle to make is erupt and then use her finger to pop the bubbles! It was the first time I tried this with her and it definitely won't be the last! There are a bunch of variations of this I will FOR SURE be puling out for this summer. 

Ryan came home and we had dinner. No corn beef and cabbage (we aren't fans of that)...just some yummy rosemary and honey chicken. BUT, Grandma did bring over some yummy cupcakes for dessert. Ellie devoured hers. Ryan and I might have devoured ours too. I plead the fifth. 

Overall we had a really fun day. I am super excited for when Scarlett is older and I can do theme days and projects with both of them. I see this as one big advantage of them being so close. I can put extra time into this kind of stuff, since it will work for both. And it is the kind of stuff I love to do. I think I might have been a pre-school teacher in another life or something...

But, for now, I will simply say that adding a little magic to my family's day is just so stinking fun. I love it to bits! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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