Monday, March 10, 2014

Ellie's 18 month appointment

Ellie had her 18 month doctor's appointment on Friday. First of all, she was a DREAM for it. She let the doctor hold her, and didn't squirm. She played dinosaurs with him, and gave him big giggles. She didn't talk much, which is funny because she is typically SO verbal. He asked if she was talking and Ryan and I both laughed. Ugh, usually we can't get her to shut up!

The great news is that she checked out perfect. She's 31.5 inches tall (38th percentile) 22 lbs (40th percentile) and has a 19 inch head (92nd percentile...WHOA!). She has EVERYONE in that office wrapped around her finger! The doctor played "Let it Go" for her, and she was mesmerized. And Angie, our normal nurse was with another patient (BOOO!) but had to sneak in and see us and give Ellie tummy tickles.

In other good news, she got out of her shot. Our doctor like to be cautious, and since our 15 month appointment was a week or two late, it hadn't been over 90 days, and so we held off on her last hepatitus vaccine until her 2 year appointment. Which, by the way, I CANNOT believe is the next time we go to the doctor's with her. Hopefully we can continue the string of only well-baby visits, and no sick ones!

So what is going on with my little bean? Well, she's a ball of energy but so much fun! She and Scarlett got Daddy and I presents. New coffee cups! Big difference...these are toddler proof so I can actually drink a full cup of coffee. Heaven! Ellie is so funny though, she loves to wait for me to take a drink then lick the excess off the lid. I totally have a coffee girl on my hands!

 She is learning SO much so fast! She's probably got over 100 words now, and every day something new crops up. We're working on shapes, colors, letters and numbers. She can do some, but not all. She's pretty decent counting to 5, and knows circle, for example, but not other shapes. We'll get there!

She still LOVES animals and can name and make the animal sounds for most of her Little People animals. My favorite is the alligator. Nothing is cuter than her saying "chomp, chomp" while clapping her hands! 

Fine motor Fridays have been a success too, as her fine motor spills are off the charts. She's really loving her pipe cleaner game, and is great at getting the pipe cleaner in the tiny hole. This week, I think we are going to try "beading" as long as I can make time to get out and grab some materials. 

She's a super eater too. Anything with cheese is a hit. Blueberries are awesome. She's a carb monster just like Mommy. And she is doing GREAT with a spoon. Yes, there are often tantrums if you DON'T give her her own utensils. Such the independent little lady.

I think I've said this with every single stage that she's been through but MAN, this is such a fun age. Don't get me wrong, there are tantrums, but the way she communicates is just so sweet. Like last night, Ryan was busy feeding Scarlett and Ellie was apparently winding down, because she came over to the couch where he was sitting, laid her head down, and said "night, night". Then, when he was able to finish up and get her to bed, she gave him awesome snuggles, went down in the crib, pulled her blanky over her, and didn't make a peep. My sweet big girl! I melted hearing that story!

I really could not ask for a cooler kid. She keeps me on my toes, sure, but that makes me a better Mom. And I would not trade anything for that awesome, BIG personality that sometimes makes her challenging.

And for the record, I am going to stop blinking. Because when in the world did my little baby get to be 18 months old?!?!?!?!?!

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