Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Learning to listen...and talk

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my Ellie-bean is a full fledged TODDLER. A running, climbing, talking, TODDLER.

And the truth is, I often forget that the little baby I held 18 months ago is not so little anymore. And I still try to treat her like such. And, of course, that is NOT okay with Little Miss Independent. But honestly, we both are learning a lot.

Just like she's learning to talk, I've had to learn to talk a lot more. She wants to know what is going on. And it prevents so many battles when I just talk to her. For example, if I explain to her that we are going to go get her ready for her nap, I get and enthusiastic "Yeah-Yeah-Yeah!" But if I just grab her and take her to her room...meltdown. She needs to know what's going on. But I forget, SO OFTEN. I hurry. I get caught up, and don't want to explain.

And then there is listening. Heaven knows this girl needs to learn something about listening. Of course, I write this as we are deep in the trenched of a climbing stage. At least I hope it is a stage. It started Monday morning. I was nursing Scarlett, heard a giggle, looked behind the couch, and Ellie was standing on the hood of her Cobra. She wouldn't listen, so the car got moved into the dining room. Then, Ryan gets home from work, just as I was changing Scarlett, and found Ellie sitting on the coffee table. What? Can't move that in the dining room. We spent the entire night trying to get her to not climb onto it every 3 seconds (oh, when we weren't trying terribly hard to keep from laughing. Because it is FUNNY. She is so proud of herself and she looks like a seal getting up there.) And then Tuesday? I am trying to get them out of the house when I find Ellie sitting in Scarlett's car seat. No big deal, except it was snapped into the stroller. Sigh. So she had climbed the stroller and gotten into the seat. Her listening skills...not fantastic. But mine? They need to improve too. I am constantly amazed at Ellie when I just listen to her. Those times when I am not stuck on amusing her are incredible. She does her best talking while not distracted, so I really have to take the time to make a conscious effort to not overwhelm her and just to LISTEN.

I'm glad that Ellie is patient with me as I learn how to be the Mom of a toddler, and even more so as I learn to be the Mom of THIS toddler. I love it, but it is significantly different than any learning I've ever done in the past. I only hope I can be as patient with her as she is learning and growing.

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